Shri Kiren Rijiju urges Industry to participate in Fit India Movement


September 30, 2019

New Delhi

Kiren Rijiju urges Industry to participate in Fit India Movement

Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Youth Affairs Mr Kiren Rijiju on Monday urged industry to adopt the Fit India Movement in corporate culture.

Addressing the 114th Annual Session of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr Kiren Rijiju said that India has a large youth population that needs to be converted into a resource, which can be achieved through fitness. He urged the industry to participate in India’s first-ever Plogging Run on 2nd October, a cleanliness and awareness movement, to pick up plastic waste on the streets as they jog.

Commending the contribution of the industry to the Fit India Movement, Mr Rijiju said, “In three weeks since the launch, there has been an amazing response from everywhere. Corporate organizations are picking up and owning the movement. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized, this has to be a people’s movement.”

Mr Rijiju urged the industry to look towards skilling the youth and converting them into a resource for India’s economic prosperity. He said that sports must be aligned with education policies, as fitness is key to development. He further added, “Fitness and sports can be the biggest business in any nation. By facilitating fitness, we are also facilitating employment. As business community, you are the engine for India’s future growth. I compliment PHD Chamber for taking part in the Fit India Movement. PHD Chamber will be key in achieving our goals.”

In his welcome remarks Mr Rajeev Talwar, President, PHD Chamber, said, “It is important to develop a strong and healthy generation equipped to take on future challenges through a healthy lifestyle that keeps us fit. Fitness is an essential pillar for a sustainable nation-building and for a healthy and prosperous life.”

Dr D.K. Aggarwal, Senior Vice President, PHD Chamber, thanked Mr Rijiju for his ‘Fit India Movement’ and said: “On 2nd October, we will be achieving two objectives – Swachh and Swasth, through Hon’ble Minister’s initiative of India’s first Plogging Run.”