TIFS (Trade & Investment Facilitation Services) is a vital component for international trade and investment community. It is envisioned to facilitate firms across the globe for trade and investments in India while simultaneously meeting India’s rapidly growing appetite for new markets to enhance trade and investments.

Considering the thirst of the Nation to place India at the forefront of Global Economic Architecture, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry launched a specialized desk on Trade and Investment Facilitation Services (TIFS) on 31st March 2017. TIFS is an information and advisory hub to provide requisite and detailed information to facilitate national and international business firms to invest in India; advising them on prospective business opportunities in India in general and in States and promising sectors in particular.

  • TIFS plays a catalytic role in helping firms across the globe for investing in the Indian economy

Facilitating Indian business community on their various trade and investment proposals to the Central Government

Facilitating International business community to trade and invest in India

Facilitating Indian business firms to trade and invest in international markets

Facilitating Investors with their investment proposal to the State Government

  • Three role dimensions 

Information role:
Serving as a key link to all information centres on all national and regional/local regulations and clearances. This includes maintaining or having direct and easy access to such information. This also means constant updating of such information.

Catalyst role:
Providing facilitative advisory services to help overcome key obstacles and strengthen key positive enablers for enhanced trade and investments. This includes providing information or “leads” on opportunities that would benefit international business community to invest in India.

Networking role:
Effective networking with relevant Indian and overseas agencies and leveraging of such networks in the direction of risk mitigation and enhancing trade and investments.

  • Vision of TIFS

We aim to make India a US$ 100 billion (per annum) investment destination in the next five years and to enhance India’s trade trajectory to the higher level. We envisage US$ 1000 billion merchandize trade (exports and imports) and US$ 500 billion services trade (exports and imports) per annum in the next five years.

  • Geographical Area

TIFS covers pan-India from Jammu Kashmir in the North to Tamil Nadu in the South and from Gujarat in the West to Arunachal Pradesh in the East.

TIFS plays a catalytic role in helping firms across the globe for investing in the Indian economy

  • Strategic Collaborators of TIFS

TIFS work in close coordination with Trade Consuls of different countries as well as international trade and business community and international chambers of commerce. Further, for facilitating and providing information on procedural requirements, TIFS also work in close coordination with the government both at the central and the state level as well as industry associations in India.