Annual Sponsorship Opportunities


We would like to request you to kindly consider the following categories of sponsorship:

  • 1. Rs.10,00,000/- as Platinum Sponsor or
  • 2. Rs.5,00,000/- as Gold Sponsor or
  • 3. Rs.2,50,000/- as Silver Sponsor

By supporting the Chamber, you will have the advantage of all the programmes organized in Delhi (except AGM) carrying the company logo in the backdrop and other advertising medium associated with it.

Last year there were 140 programmes organized in Delhi and this year we hope to do as many, if not more.

The details of benefits of sponsorship are:-

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Placement of logo and branding: The branding opportunity for the Platinum sponsors will be in the first top lines of the Backdrop and other visible advertising opportunities followed by the Gold and Silver sponsors.
  • The Platinum Sponsors will have the opportunity of placing their literature on the registration desk of the Programmes.
  • In any 3 paid programmes of the Chamber, the Platinum Sponsors will get complimentary entry for 4 participants; Gold sponsors will get complimentary entry for 2 participants and Silver sponsors will get complimentary for 1 participant
  • In the monthly Bulletin, the sponsors will get the following:

    • Platinum Sponsors Free coloured advertisement of 2 full pages in two issues only
    • Gold Sponsors Free coloured advertisement of 1 full page in one issue only
    • Silver Sponsors Free black & white advertisement of 1 full page in one issue only
  • Platinum Sponsors will get 10% discount on the Conference facilities of the Chamber; Gold sponsors will get 5% discount on the same for one year.

The Secretariat will include the company logo on the backdrop, etc on receipt of sponsorship amount. The advantage of branding will be available to you upto one year from the date on which your payment is received by us.

For further details contact :

  • Ms. Babeeta Sharma, Secretary (Finance)

    E-mail. – Tel.: 91-11-49545507 (Extn.:207)