Prospects & Constraints in Agriculture Start-up’s in Dairy Sector

No.PR-235 August 29, 2020 New Delhi Prospects & Constraints in Agriculture Start-up’s in Dairy Sector Entrepreneurship promotion is the goal now and technology Business Incubation Centre supported by NABARD plays a catalyst role in developing Start-ups in dairy sector mentioned Dr. Rameshwar Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Bihar Animal Sciences University, Patna at the webinar by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Prospects and Constraints in ‘Agri Startup in Dairy Sector’. Dr. Rameshwar Singh appreciated NABARD’s interest in the dairy sector as new start-ups are being promoted. Looking at the current times and the availability of cattle and exotic breeds, there is a need for better breeding of animals and enhance Goat farming. He apprised about the importance of dairy as the backbone sector of livelihood for the rural population as its an employment generation sector. In these current times, there is a scope of allied activities such as Cow Rearing, Buffalo Farming, Goat Rearing, Organic Milk production. There is wide scope and opportunities in making a range of dairy products such as fermented products of milk like Yogurt, Curd, Butter Milk, Cheese Making, and allied activities like Apps for Breeding Services for Semen, Farm Mechanization, Automation, etc. Dr. Singh pointed out constraints and concerns in the dairy sector that is the lack of high yielding animals; proper availability of green fodder and sledge is a matter of concern in the dairy sector, he informed that new ventures are coming in this sector. Mr. Arun Raste, Executive Director of National Dairy Development Board, (NDDB) in his deliberation mentioned that dairy business has been an immemorial business due to which ration balancing is necessary for animal dieting which can reduce cost and maintain the health of animals as well. Mr. Raste said that entrepreneurs should be encouraged for establishing Micro Enterprises by using by-products of animals like manufacturing of pesticides using cow dung and cow urine; organic milk production; A2 Milk production etc. Mr. Raste highlighted that there is a huge potential in Ayurvedic Veterinary Medicine manufacturing and, this can be a game-changer in the farming and allied sector. Mr. Sudhir Kumar, Managing Director, JMF talked about the growth in business in the dairy sector in the present times and discussed off-farm activities that can be the next employment-generating vertical. Professions like milk aggregators or collectors, milk tester for checking of adulteration can make this sector reach better horizons, especially in small areas and cities. Dr. Ravindra Kumar Sohane, Director Extension Education Agriculture University, Bihar emphasized using local-based items to feed the animals that help in reducing the cost of production. Dr. Sohane mentioned that integrated farming is the backbone of the Bihar. Now youths are also moving towards organic farming along with dairy and livestock farming. He appreciated the schemes of NABARD for Entrepreneurship Development and capacity building. He informed us about various initiatives and, start-ups are working growing the dairy product sector in the nation. Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Head AH Extension & Dy Director Training, Bihar Animal Sciences University in his address said that there are four deciding factors for effective dairy farming that are improved feeding, breeding, farm management, health & vaccination. He suggested entrepreneurs should focus on reducing cost for profit maximization and, that can be achieved by preparing a complete mix of cattle feeds, which can be produced at own farm rather than buying from the market. This would also help in reducing the problem of conception in animals by 70 to 80%. Enterprise Development and Value addition in dairy products would help to earn better profits in the dairy and animal husbandry sector. Mr. Santosh Kumar, Director Anand Sagar Natural Dairy shared details about Community Dairy Farming. He informed different facilities being provided by his organization by involving social and institutional innovation. He emphasized on using modern techniques like AI, Data Mining, and Blockchain for upgrading this dairy sector. Mrs. Ajanta Bhumij, Director Ajanta Dairy Farm Pvt Ltd while sharing her success story, said she faced a lot of difficulties from the banks as they have not much knowledge and information for loans regarding dairy farming. Dr. Yogesh Srivastav, Principal Director, PHD Chamber delivered the welcome remarks apprising about the challenges and opportunities faced in the daily sector. Mr. Mantosh Singh, Resident Director, Jharkhand State Chapter, PHD Chamber proposed the formal vote of thanks to all the delegates and participants. The session was moderated by Ms. Leena Lall, Resident Manager, Bihar State Chapter, PHD Chamber and was supported by NABARD and witnessed participation of more than 150 participants, progressive farmers, Start-Up Entrepreneurs students from management and agriculture institutes. Ends Media Division PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry