PHDCCI Investors Service Initiative

PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI) established in 1905, is a proactive National Apex Chamber working at the grass-root level and with strong national and international linkages. PHDCCI has been an active participant in the Indian growth story through its Advocacy Role for the Policy Makers and Regulators of the Country. PHDCCI reconstitutes its various Expert Committees every year and these Committees draw upon the knowledge and expertise of persons nominated on such Committees for execution of effective and pragmatic services.

The Capital Market and Commodity Market Committee of PHDCCI has been actively contributing to educate the investors about all changes and effects taking place in stock/ Commodity/ Currency markets and about latest regulations of SEBI.

А remarkable growth in the Indian capital market  as well as commodity market has taken place in the recent years. The number of investors has also increased particularlyin the last one year. New investors may not know about the hidden risks in many seemingly simple investment strategies. This can cause their portfolios to take large hits early on in the process. To combat this pitfall and other issues/ problems which the investors may have, theCapital Market and Commodity Market Committee of PHDCCIfelt the necessity to provide a forum where these issues/ problems can be sent by the investors so that they could be resolved.

Keeping the aforesaid in view, PHDCCI Capital Market and Commodity Market Committee has initiated the "PHDCCI Investors Service Initiative". This Forum will take up the problems/issues of registered Capital/Commodity/Currency Investors to theconcerned authorities for suitable policy modifications/amendments/recommendations to resolve the issues faced by them.

In this regard, a Registration Form to be filled by investor(s) is given below via link. Kindly note that there are no charges for registration. However, only the registered investors can avail benefit of forum.

Registration Form

Any other issues/clarificationsmay kindly be sent to Ms Sohale Gupta at 8285273406.