The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is a German foundation. In Germany, 16 regional offices and two conference centers offer a wide variety of civic education conferences and events. Our offices abroad are in charge of more than 200 projects in more than 120 countries. The foundation’s headquarters are situated in Sankt Augustin near Bonn and in Berlin.

India was one of the first Asian countries to introduce country-related programmes initiated by the KAS. In more than 40 years of cooperation, a wide range of activities were undertaken at different levels: poverty alleviation in rural areas, capacity building of local government institutions, training for small and medium scale enterprises in North and South India, programmmes for judicial reforms and seminars related to the concept of rule of law.

Various economic and value-oriented dialogues were held and high ranking exchanges on the subject of international relations and security policy have been established. The history of the activities of the KAS in India reflects not only the changing priorities of the country’s development strategies but also India’s gradual rising political and economic status in the region as well as its emergence as a global power.

Specifically, the KAS offers to contribute by

  • Assisting India in its process of social, structural and political transformation based on democracy and the rule of law;
  • Strengthening economic reforms, the small and medium business sector and an effective social market economy as well as supporting the integration of India into the global economy and the process of globalisation;
  • Promoting local self-governance in rural areas and fostering democracy at grass-roots level;
  • Intensifying the dialogue between Germany, Europe and India and other major powers, especially on current foreign and security policy and
  • Promoting the education of young print journalists.

The name of the Resident Representative of the KAF office in India is Mr. Peter Rimmele,earlier it was Dr. Beatrice Gorawantschy.


India Office
19-B Rajdoot Marg, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi – 11 00 21