PHDCCI organized Conference on “Renewable Energy”

PR No – 92

31st May, 2024

New Delhi


PHDCCI organized Conference on “Renewable Energy”


PHDCCI organized a Conference on “Renewable Energy” on 31st May 2024, at PHD House, New Delhi. The theme of the conference was “How Can Corporates Access Clean Energy”.


The objective of the event was to discuss the importance of Green Energy, the regulatory framework governing Green Energy in India, broader issues around sustainability and ESG, and how corporates can prepare a roadmap for transition to Green Energy.


Mr. Shravan Sampath, CEO, Oakridge Energy, Ms. Neelambera Sandeepan, Partner, Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan Attorneys and Mr. Paritosh Chauhan, Associate Partner, Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan Attorneys (LKS) were the eminent speakers for the event.


The event was organized under the Law & Justice Committee of PHDCCI, Chaired by Ms. Charanya Lakshmikumaran, Partner, LKS and Co-Chaired by Ms. Kaadambari, Arbitrator & Sr. Attorney.


The speakers discussed how industries are meeting their energy requirements, and how a shift from conventional sources such as fossil fuels to more sustainable renewable energy sources will result in long lasting benefits – not just for the environment but also from a business perspective.


It was also discussed how foreign investors and business stakeholders now show a clear preference to do business with Indian companies who are aligned with ESG norms. In fact, studies show that 90% of global institutional investors revise their investment decisions, if target companies do not meet ESG-alignment criteria.


The speakers discussed the Green Energy business ecosystem and regulatory framework, explaining how corporates can access, support and pivot towards Green Energy usage by effectively utilising Solar power, the Open Access system & Green Certificates. They also touched upon the Government’s commitment towards making this transition smooth.


We need to consistently work on reducing our dependence on conventional sources which contribute significantly to climate change. Engaging in responsible practices to reduce carbon footprint and ensuring a timely pivot towards Green Energy can be critical steps in this direction.


The Q&A Session provided the audience the opportunity to seek clarifications and clarify their doubts with the eminent speakers.



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