PHDCCI International Week commences with Grandeur, Promising a Global Exchange of Ideas and Innovation on March 11, 2023, at PHD house

PR No – 51

13th March, 2024

New Delhi



PHDCCI International Week commences with Grandeur, Promising a Global Exchange of Ideas and Innovation on March 11, 2023, at PHD house


PHDCCI International Week Kicks Off, Unveiling a Tapestry of Global Perspectives and Collaborations on March 11, 2024. Dignitaries and Thought Leaders Convene for a Weeklong Celebration (11th March – 15th March, 2024) of Innovation and Economic Resilience. Diverse Insights, Progressive Dialogues, and Economic Prowess take centre Stage during the weeklong conferences, dialogues & B2B sessions, transforming the landscape of International Business.

Economic policy is a subset of the broader diplomatic strategy adopted by countries to promote their national interests. It is increasingly becoming a critical component, given the centrality of economic power in determining a country’s strategic autonomy and diplomatic leverage, industrial and defence capacity, resilience, and competitiveness, stated Mr. Periasamy Kumaran, Special Secretary, [ER & DPA], Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India the Chief Guest at the inaugural session of the 2nd edition of PHDCCI International Week.

Mr. C.S.R. Ram, Joint Secretary (BIMSTEC & SAARC), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, mentioned that our focus is on strengthening the supply chains and value chains in the region with special emphasis on greater market access for value-added products. We are working towards strengthening the increased participation by private stakeholders, especially the businesses,

Today, India has more than 65 million MSMEs in our country. With 1.4 billion people, we are the largest market in the world. With climate change and other things happening across the world, we believe that we require green technologies. Green technology is one of the most important things required by our MSMEs. Therefore, countries having these technologies have great potential to be tapped in India, said Dr Ranjeet Mehta, Executive Director, PHDCCI

H.E. Dato Mustafa Shah Mustafa, High Commissioner of Malaysia to India, while mentioning that with a GDP growth of 3.7% in 2023 and a projected 4 to 5% in 2024, Malaysia’s economic trajectory is one of promise and resilience, also stated that the partnership between Malaysia and India isn’t just about numbers; it’s a living testament to the potential for economic growth when nations unite. Malaysia, a global production hub and a trading giant, with a population of 33.7 million, is not just a destination; it’s a thriving force in the global economic landscape. Our bilateral relations are the foundation of this growth, with Indian investments reaching 2.8 billion dollars as of September 2023.

Malaysia invites and eagerly anticipates investments from India, building upon our shared history and mutual economic interests. Together, let’s forge a path towards prosperity, where our collaboration becomes the cornerstone of a thriving and interconnected future, added H.E. Dato Mustafa Shah Mustafa.


Delving into the potential of expanding India’s business footprint in the Asia-Pacific region, H.E. Mr. P.S Karthigeyan, Indian High Commissioner to Fiji mentioned that Fiji is more than just a picturesque tourist destination. With 330 islands and a population of nine hundred thousand, it offers a unique blend of opportunities. Our historical connection with India lays the groundwork for future collaborations.

Drawing attention to the potential in Ayurveda in Fiji, H.E. Mr. P.S Karthigeyan, stated that with growing awareness and interest, investments in Ayurvedic practices could yield substantial returns. Let’s collectively explore and leverage these opportunities for mutual benefit and sustainable growth. Let us seize the opportunities that Fiji presents. Together, we can not only strengthen our economic ties but also contribute to the development and progress of both nations, added P S Karthigeyan

There have been increased efforts to strengthen the six-year collaboration between India and Indonesia. The fact that Indonesia is now India’s fifth-largest trading partner illustrates the breadth and depth of their partnership. With India’s economy expected to grow at a quick pace and become the world’s fifth largest, there is a growing possibility for investments and mutually beneficial prospects, said Mr. Dadang Hidayat, Minister Counselor, Embassy of Republic of Indonesia, India

This long-lasting alliance shows a dedication to promoting deeper relations in the future in addition to reflecting the current synergies between the two countries. Given India’s projected rapid economic expansion, the conditions are ideal for more cooperation and investment, which will pave the way for closer ties and benefits for both Indonesia and India, added Mr. Dadang Hidayat,

Mr. Nilesh Roonel Kumar, Charge d’Affaires, Fiji High Commission, India stated that Fiji stands out as an appealing destination for investors, particularly in the film industry, where opportunities for investment abound. Fiji’s strategic location makes it a key destination for shipping and air connectivity, providing an advantageous position for businesses seeking effective transportation links in the Asia-Pacific region. Language is not a barrier for Indian investors in Fiji, as English is widely spoken, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration.

The presence of tax-free zones in Fiji enhances its appeal as an investment destination, offering a business-friendly environment that encourages economic growth and attracts investors seeking favorable conditions for their ventures. Further augmenting Fiji’s appeal is its well-educated workforce, boasting an impressive literacy rate of 94%, added Mr. Kumar.

There is immense opportunities in Myanmar, including employment opportunities. Myanmar is a transport and port location which is significant for India and the Asia Pacific Region. We keenly look forward to enhancing our collaborations with India, as we depend on imports from India especially in the pharmaceuticals sector. We look up to India for investments and together we can overcome with challenges facing in pharma and technology sector, said Mr. Mayo Myint Aung, First Secretary, Embassy of Myanmar, India.


The Indian Industry perspective was given by Mr. Sanjay Singhania, Chair, ICT, Electronics & Telecom Committee, PHDCCI and Director, E-Pack Polymers (P) Ltd on IT and ICT Sector of IndiaMr. Dalip Chopra, President, Foundation of Healthcare and Wellness Promotion on Healthcare Sector of India and Mr. Apurb Anand Shrivsatava, CTO, Stone Roads International Pvt. Ltd on Roads and Highways Technology and Solutions.


The 2nd edition of PHDCCI International Week is sponsored by Arise IIP Africa, Foundation of Healthcare and Wellness Promotion, India, Stone Roads International, E Pack Durables, Apeejay Education and Apeejay School International as Strategic Sponsors, Silver Arrows as Luxury Partner, Reliance Retail as Associate Partner and Filatex as Co-Sponsor.



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