Marketing in the Age of AI – Embracing the Future of Customer Engagement & Retention

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9th November, 2023

New Delhi



Chief Marketing Technologists’ Summit 2023


Marketing in the Age of AI – Embracing the Future of Customer Engagement & Retention


8th November 2023, PHD House, New Delhi



PHDCCI New-age Business Committee organized the Chief Marketing Technologists’ Summit 2023 themed Marketing in the Age of AI – Embracing the Future of Customer Engagement & Retention on 8th Nov 2023 at PHD House, New Delhi.


Mr. Nitin Jain, Co-founder & CBO, OfBusiness & Chair, PHDCCI’s New Age Business & AI Leadership acknowledged the rapid pace of technological change that everyone is experiencing daily, particularly in the one year. To keep up with these advancements, it is essential for us to gain a comprehensive understanding of artificial intelligence and become familiar with how to effectively harness it for our growth. The next stage in this evolution is generative AI, and many tools have already begun to facilitate the removal of language barriers by swiftly translating different languages, thereby enhancing communication. Furthermore, he highlighted the potential benefits of artificial intelligence, particularly for smaller companies when compared to larger enterprises. Smaller companies can adopt AI tools more rapidly and effectively.


Mr. Amitabh Nag, Chief Executive Officer, Digital India Bhashini Division (Bhashini), Digital India Corporation provided insights into the ‘Bhashini’ mission. This initiative aims to address the challenge posed by the multitude of local languages in India, which can often impede progress and development. ‘Bhashini’ is playing a crucial role in overcoming language barriers by facilitating translation across 22 languages, thereby enhancing communication between different cities and states in India.


Ms. Virginia Sharma, Head of Regional Marketing, Google Cloud, emphasized that smaller companies and startups often face challenges when it comes to attracting talent. She pointed out that artificial intelligence and its associated tools offer an effective solution for these smaller entities. This is a critical time for us to prioritize our AI needs. Ms. Sharma also highlighted the powerful capabilities of AI tools in automating various tasks that contribute to business growth. During her presentation, Ms. Sharma provided a live demonstration of how AI and Generative AI can be highly beneficial in the automation and preparation of online marketing campaigns. This includes tasks such as enhancing photo backgrounds and resolution, creating product descriptions, designing social media banners, and automating targeted email marketing, complete with translations into local languages based on the recipient’s location. All of these elements significantly enhance our return on investment (ROI). Additionally, she discussed the advantages of utilizing the cloud console for our business needs.


Ms. Amrita Thapar, Director Marketing, Microsoft India, Japan, SE Asia pointed out that India is making significant advancements in artificial intelligence, marking a game-changing development. At the core of artificial intelligence lies machine learning, which forms the foundation. The key essence is the ability to identify data, patterns, and formulate responses based on these insights. The next frontier in AI is Generative AI, which holds a wide range of applications. Moreover, artificial intelligence tools are playing a vital role in accelerating enterprise growth, with new tools being introduced almost daily. These tools are also enabling innovative design processes, working based on text-based instructions. Some tools facilitate the creation of polished and visually appealing PowerPoint presentations. Additionally, it’s now possible to interact with machines through conversation, allowing for efficient task completion. During her presentation, Ms. Thapar demonstrated how AI can be used to automate and customize email processes quickly.


Mr. Sandeep Dutta, Chief Practice Officer – Middle East & Asiapacific, Fractal, discussed the data-driven approach to AI and likened the power of AI to that of computers or the internet. He noted that we are transitioning from general AI to Generative AI. Furthermore, Mr. Dutta highlighted that AI’s benefits are now accessible across all facets of business, including supply chain, marketing, and production. With AI, businesses can gain insights into customer behavior, as every customer click provides valuable signals. Understanding and analyzing these signals are crucial for achieving better results. While some visitors may not convert into customers, AI offers the opportunity to comprehend customer behavior and facilitate growth. Mr. Dutta also emphasized that AI enables time efficiency and introduced the concept of consultative selling, where AI tools can virtually connect with potential buyers to understand their specific needs and guide them in making informed purchase decisions. During his presentation, Mr. Dutta demonstrated the “flyfish” tool, which aids in consultative selling.


Mr. Praveen Mokkapati, Lead, Telangana AI Mission (T-AIM), highlighted the organization’s commitment to pioneering new technologies, a focus they’ve maintained since 2014. He emphasized the wide-reaching benefits of AI, which extends to enterprises, B2B (business-to-business), B2C (business-to-consumer) interactions, as well as startups and small businesses. The next stage in AI’s evolution is Generative AI, which is ushering in a significant transformation from a task-centric approach to a data-centric one. Mr. Mokkapati provided an example of tools that can create music content without infringing on copyright, underscoring their support for a company in this field. He also discussed the potential for AI to automate various tasks, such as expanding client outreach through automated outbound calling. During his presentation, he demonstrated how Generative AI can swiftly translate text from one language to another.


The summit featured an exceptional line-up of distinguished speakers who made a significant impact with their actionable insights. It also saw the participation of over 100 delegates, featured 3 expert sessions, included 12 speakers, and hosted an exclusive masterclass. The summit’s collaborating organizations included FORE School of Management, YourStory, and SiliconIndia.




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