PHDCCI’s delegation visits Hanoi Southern Supporting Industrial Park to promote collaboration and exploring bilateral business prospects

25th May, 2023

New Delhi


PHDCCI’s delegation visits Hanoi Southern Supporting Industrial Park to promote collaboration and exploring bilateral business prospects



As part of the PHDCCI Business Delegation to Vietnam, the team of PHDCCI visited the Hanoi Southern Supporting Industrial Park (HANSSIP), Vietnam on 25th May 2023. The visit is a part of PHDCCI’s ongoing efforts to promote economic ties between the two countries. The delegation was welcomed by Mr. Chi, Director of N&G Group, and  Mr. Tran Phuong Lam, Logistics of N&G Group who provided a detailed presentation on HANSSIP.


The delegation’s visit marks a momentous event in the Indo-Vietnamese economic relationship, highlighting the significant potential for both countries to acquaint themselves and work together. This effort shows the PHDCCI’s commitment to encourage investment and creating an enabling ecosystem between the both countries for further business growth.


Located at the southern gateway of Hanoi, HANSSIP is an industrial park oriented towards developing supporting industries, manufacturing, and processing industry as per the goal set by the Government of Vietnam. N&G Group has invested in this development through the N&G Development Investment Joint Stock Company where phase 1 infrastructure investment and construction is complete, with Taiwanese companies being predominantly invested. The upcoming phase 2 will encompass industries and housing complexes for employees within the industrial park for their convenience.


N&G GROUP is a 20 years old establishment; it was founded by individuals who had worked and studied in USSR (now Russia) since the 1990s. Prior to becoming N&G Group, the company operated as HAKMOT Tourism, Trading, and Culture Event Organizing company since 1991, with a charter capital of 1,000 billion VND. N&G Group strives to align its business practices with international standards and integrate itself into the global business community.


Mr. Tran Phuong also highlighted that Hanoi’s abundance of educational institutes provides skilled labor supply for the industry’s growth and development. Furthermore, various members of the delegation briefly introduced themselves and their companies and explored potential business and investment prospects for both India and Vietnam.


Dr. Ranjeet Mehta, Deputy Secretary General, PHDCCI, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Chi and Mr. Tran of N&G Group for this opportunity to visit HANSSIP and briefed them about PHDCCI and its activities. He also expressed the various sectors in which India and Vietnam could partner to promote industrial clusters, further strengthening our commercial and economic bonds.


Through this visit, the PHDCCI hope to continue and strengthen these relationships and welcome future associations between the two nations. The chamber further aspires to protract and work towards promoting trade and investment between the two countries and exploring opportunities for collaboration in various sectors.


The PHDCCI delegates got the opportunity to explore the various promising avenges of setting up production facilities in the industrial park and offer services in the field of ESG and strengthening of quality electrical distribution system & upgradation of the electric systems in the industries set up in the N&G industrial park.



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