PHD Chamber maps 75 potential export products in the States: PHD Chamber

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13 December,2022

New Delhi


PHD Chamber maps 75 potential export products in the States: PHD Chamber

States must adopt best practices of Gujarat and Maharashtra to enhance their respective exports, says Industry body

In an analysis conducted by Industry body, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra have been observed strong in the exports from their respective territories; both the leading export states contribute at around 47% in India’s total exports, said Mr Saket Dalmia, President, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in a press statement issued here today.

Industry body identifies 75 potential export products and markets to increase India’s merchandise exports to USD 750 billion by 2027. These products have been mapped according to the production possibilities and potential of the states, said Mr. Saket Dalmia.

The study report on Mapping 75 potential products in the states has been released in the States’ Policy Conclave 2022 organised by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, here today in the Hotel Le Meridian, New Delhi.

Karnataka holds potential in 27 products, Maharashtra (22 products), Tamil Nadu (22 products), Gujarat (22 products) and Andhra Pradesh (13 products) Haryana (13 products), Telangana (8 product), Madhya Pradesh (8 products), Rajasthan (7 products) and are collectively contributing more than 75% share in India’s total exports, said Mr. Saket Dalmia.

Gujarat and Maharashtra are the leading exporting states in the country. In 2020-21, these two states collectively contributed around 47 percent in total exports of India followed by Tamil Nadu (8.3%), Karnataka (6.1%), Uttar Pradesh (5%) and Andhra Pradesh (4.6%) among others, said Mr. Saket Dalmia.

Exports growth of the leading export states was tremendous in 2021-22, Gujarat (110%), Karnataka (72%), Odisha (68%), West Bengal (56%), and Rajasthan (46%). While Delhi (9%), Andhra Pradesh (15%), Madhya Pradesh (21%), Maharashtra (26%) and Telangana (27%) experienced significant growth, said Mr. Saket Dalmia.

Going ahead, synchronisation of policies between centre and state Government would go a long way to strengthen exports, build up the confidence to compete in the international markets, said Mr Saket Dalmia.


Decriminalisation of the minor offences along with a robust National Single Window System will enhance ease of Doing Business and ease of exports in the country,said Mr. Saket Dalmia.


There is a need to reduce the cost of doing business with the joint efforts of the centre and state Governments such as providing land at rational prices, rationalization of the logistics costs, rationalization of the costs of energy, costs of funds and costs of the compliances, said Mr. Saket Dalmia.


Rationalization of the Cost of doing business would create a conducive business environment and enhance the sentiments of the producers and scale up the production possibilities in the factories, said Mr. Saket Dalmia.


Full report is appended for your kind reference.

Potential to produce products (among the 75 potential products

S No. States Potentials Products
1 Karnataka 27
2 Gujarat 22
3 Maharashtra 22
4 Tamil Nadu 22
5 Uttar Pradesh 14
6 Andhra Pradesh 13
7 Haryana 13
8 Telangana 8
9 Madhya Pradesh 8
10 Rajasthan 7
11 West Bengal 6
12 Odisha 6
13 Punjab 6
14 Kerala 4
15 Jharkhand 3
Rest of the states consists 15 potential products

Source: PHD Research Bureau, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Note: The total may not be 75 as the same potential products are produced by more than one state.



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