Press release of Sustainable Textiles Summit 2022

No.PR -326

September 22, 2022

New Delhi

 We can enhance the sustainability ecosystem in the entire value chain by developing proper understanding and avoiding over exploitation with proper management,  Upendra Prasad Singh, Secretary, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India,


Speaking at the Event on Sustainable Textiles Summit 2022 held at PHD House today, Upendra Prasad Singh, Secretary, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, highlighted the importance of textiles and its contribution in India’s GDP with the fact that it is the second largest sector of employment generation after agriculture it is a necessity to talk about sustainability though it is not a new concept but first we need to properly understand the term and educate people about it, said, Upendra Prasad Singh.

Sustainability is present in the entire value chain and we can enhance it more by developing proper understanding and avoiding over exploitation with proper management. This can happen with an upgraded technology and innovative ideas. He also talked about the technical fibre and manmade fibre to replace other non-biodegradable fibre because if we want to become a big player in the world then we have to be big in making man made fibre.


Mr. Atul Bagai,Country Head, UNEP,  dwelled upon the effects on the environment, which need proper awareness ,caused by the textile industry. Negative impacts on the environment caused by the industry are well known but he emphasised on the potential of the textile industry and its importance for livelihood in India. Challenges in sustainability and in development both need to be addressed in a more balanced way to maintain the quality of the ecosystem we live in.

Small steps can be taken in this direction to facilitate the change transition like changing the mind-set of the young people, providing education to all  and coordinated action of all industry stakeholders , academia and government to institutionalise the element of sustainability in every sector.


Prof R.S.Rengasamy,Department of Textiles and Fibre Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology,Delhi, apprise about the importance of 3R’s Reuse, Recycle and reduce and how far this concept can take us  towards the sustainable future in years to come. We have become more materialistic without much constraints providing damage to our very own environment. Regarding recycling of products we are  moving in the right direction but this alone is not sufficient. The other two are also very important elements which need to be imbibed in our daily lifestyle. Innovative technologies and enhanced cooperation between the industry, academia and government will be the key enablers towards sustainability in the sector.


Mr.Vincent Duret,Responsible Business Unit Textile Manager,Ecocert Greenlife SAS,France, talked about actions for change. Diversified actions taken in the sector like certifications, upgraded policies, technologies etc. will act as the game changer in this direction. He said that we should preserve our resources and protect our nature by reinforcing regulations in the textile industry. This should include eco design of the product, respecting animal welfare principles, inform and guide to choose more sustainable products and most importantly end consumer behaviour should change to achieve sustainability in the textile industry.


 Mr.Pradeep Multani, President,PHDCCI, mentioned that India is amongst the world& largest producers and exporters of textiles. The domestic market for textiles in India was valued at $100 Billion in 2019-20 with rising exports valued at $50 Bn. The Indian government empowers the textile industry to compete globally, attract significant investments, and generate employment.

The industry is like a double-edged sword, demanding a high level of monitoring and compliance to guidelines to diminish its adverse environmental impacts. The purpose of including sustainability in the textile industry is to generate thriving ecosystems and alliances through activities such as increasing the value of local produce and products, reducing waste, and reducing the harm to the environment created by production and consumption, added, Mr.Multani.



Mr Madhu Sudhan Bhageria, Chair, PHDCCI Textile Committee  & CMD, Filatex India Ltd, in his welcome address mentioned  that with rapid developments in the Environmental, Social, and Governance space and increasing stakeholders’ demand for improved sustainability performance, it is now imperative to address these issues across the whole spectrum of industries. While many policy initiatives have been taken for the governance and social part, the sustainability issue needs equal attention if not more.


Mr Ramesh Menon, Co-Chair, PHDCCI Textiles Committee, presented a formal vote of thanks and also mentioned that the Fashion and Textile industry is now fully aware of its responsibility toward climate change and is keen on adopting sustainable sourcing of products and raw materials.


 The session was moderated by Mr. Naveen Seth, Assistant Secretary General,PHDCCI, and sponsored by Giz,Filatex Industries Ltd, Reliance industries , RSWM Ltd,Oerlikon Textile  and Knowledge partner IIT Delhi, Fibre 2 Fashion and Ministry of MSME Government of India





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