PHD Chamber participates in International Climate Summit – 2022 to be held in Bergen, Norway on 30-31st August 2022

No. PR – 308

August 29, 2022

New Delhi

PHD Chamber participates in International Climate Summit – 2022 to be held in Bergen, Norway on 30-31st August 2022

PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry with Invest India and Greenstat Norway are organizing an International Climate Summit 2022- “Opportunity for Green Hydrogen in India on 30th & 31st August at Bergen, Norway.

The main feature of this summit is to showcase India’s Unique Position as an attractive destination for production of Green Hydrogen due to the availability of Renewable Energy at the lowest price. This summit will induce interest in investors, Safety companies, Hydrogen Production companies and R&D labs to collaborate with Indian partners for the production of Green Hydrogen to make India Aatam-Nirbhar (Self-Reliant).

This is an International mega event with participation of politicians, policy makers, stakeholders, investors, technology suppliers, and several large corporates from several countries like: Norway, European Union, US and Japan are expected to participate in the event. It would also give an opportunity to look at the facilities of hydrogen production and R&D centres and interact with many international players. This International Climate Summit 2022 is going to be a big milestone for Indian Hydrogen Economy & Mission as many new industries projects, tie-ups, technology transfer agreements & joint ventures are expected to take place.

A 52 members delegation including Senior Managing committee members of the PHD Chamber, Industry Stalwarts, Government of India officials, representatives from PSUs are joining the International Climate Summit – 2022 along with several companies in the Oil Sector from India, Norway and the European Union.

As you are well aware that Green Hydrogen is a National Mission and Hon’ble Prime Minister in his Independence Day Speech (15th August, 2021) announced five key initiatives for taking care of Global Warming, the first being Mission on Hydrogen. Hon’ble Prime Minister announced, Mission to make India a Global Hub for the production and export of Green Hydrogen. He outlined a vision of becoming a global leader and enabling a substantial domestic hydrogen domestic hydrogen economy. Hydrogen has the promise of transforming India from energy deficient & totally import based country to an energy rich & net export country.

Big large business houses are putting huge investments on the table for Green Hydrogen production. Green Hydrogen is also going to play a leading role to fulfill the announcement made by the Prime Minister in COP 26, at Glasgow in 2021. India would strike to achieve Net Zero Emission by 2070 & 50% of the countries requirements be met by using renewable resources by 2030 i.e. Carbon Emission to be reduced by 1 billion tons. This is also very important from Global angle, wherein each country has to adopt measures in a collective effort to keep global warming below 2 Degree Celsius and pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 Degree Celsius above pre industrial level and also each country, commitment to Net Zero emission in next 15 to 20 years.

Warm Regards, Media Division PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry