Our Cyber Security Network needs to be more Agile & Resilient in Post COVID Era

No. PR- 076
August 11, 2021
New Delhi

Our Cyber Security Network needs to be more Agile & Resilient in Post COVID Era

Our cybersecurity network has to be more agile and resilient to meet the demands of the future & we need to ensure that we build a strong, resilient, effective and a secure digital network so that it helps leverage our digital infrastructure, mentioned Mr. Neeraj Sinha, Senior Adviser (Science & Technology), NITI Aayog in a webinar organized by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI) on Cybersecurity: Towards a Safe Digital World in COVID.

Mr. Sinha also threw light on our over-dependence on imported hardware & network devices. He also spoke on how economies around the globe are trying to improve digital infrastructure and we need to ensure large scale research on creating hardware so that the services are indigenous. He also emphasized on our need to work on a consolidated response to cyber-attacks by developing devices like automating machines and malware deduction drones.

Mr. Atul Nigam, Chief Information Officer, Micromax Infomatics Limited in his presentation deliberated about the changes witnessed in telecom sector in the first and second lockdown of the pandemic. He mentioned that the connotations of safety of people and assets require data privacy and security to be a top priority. Some of the challenges that we are facing is that digitization has been fast forwarded so, safeguarding the organization’s data; multi-fold growth in cyber-attacks like phishing attacks or ransomware attacks and protecting consumer privacy and ensuring data compliance, need to be looked into said Mr. Nigam. We need to work on security on cloud and perimeter firewall moved down to endpoint level, before we face another lockdown.

Ms. Vertika Misra, Associate Director-General (Technology), Cellular Operators Association of India while deliberating upon the impact of the pandemic on business and the increase of digital transformation, discussed the increase of cyber threats due to this rapid technological development. She also emphasized that the need of the hour are stringent security and threat management systems to be in place in the business environment. She mentioned that our society has to continuously evolve and invest in security and work on protecting our data and networks.

Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal, Mentor-Telecom Committee, PHDCCI discussed the importance of cybersecurity in the post covid era and the need for strong cybersecurity laws. He spoke about how the pandemic has outlined the need for greater cooperation and collaboration across both public and private domains, as we all tackle the challenges of COVID-19, including ruthless entrepreneurial cyber criminals who exploit the situation for gain.

Mr. Rajiv Gupta, Chairman-Telecom Committee, PHDCCI while sharing some of the examples of the cyber-attacks that have happened since the pandemic in India, mentioned that businesses need to re-plan their processes and strategies to adapt to the new normal post the pandemic. He emphasized on the need for strong testing and verification system which will help mitigate cyber-attacks and also at the same time equip the workforce with new crisis management skill sets so that they can work in the new digital environment and under intense pressure.

Mr. Alok Mukherjee, Co-Chairman-Telecom Committee, PHDCCI gave the concluding remarks, thanking all the panellists for sparing their time for this session. He emphasized on the need for making technology safe and risk-free for our future. Prof. N.K Goyal, Chairman E TEMA was also part of the webinar. It was moderated by Dr. Yogesh Srivastav, Assistant Secretary-General, PHDCCI and supported by Paramount Communications Ltd. It was attended by many senior members of PHD, Embassy officials and stalwarts from the telecom industry.

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