Inauguration and MoU Signing of Tele Medicine Centre at Indira Gandhi Hospital, New Delhi

No. PR- 063
July 28, 2021
New Delhi

Inauguration and MoU Signing of Tele Medicine Centre at Indira Gandhi Hospital, New Delhi

Telehealth Project for COVID India is the joint effort of PHD Chamber, Rotary club of Delhi Central, BAPIO Training Academy (BTA), UK and Indira Gandhi Hospital New Delhi to provide the Tele-Consultation & Tele-Reporting (internet and mobile based) services and support Indian health care professionals looking after COVID / Non-Covid patients. The Tele Medicine Centre was inaugurated at Indira Gandhi Hospital.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal, President, PHDCCI, welcomed all the dignitaries present physically as well as through virtual platform. He congratulated all the partners for taking this wonderful step. In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, telemedicine will prove to be an added boon to the health-care provider as well as the patients in terms of reducing the burden of healthcare professionals and providing psychological support to the patients.

Dr. Brijesh Kumar, Medical Director, Indira Gandhi Hospital thanked PHD Chamber, Rotary Club of Delhi Central and BTA for supporting this Digital healthcare initiative. He further said that this is a 1240 bedded hospital which will be operational from August 2021.

Mr. Anup Mittal, District Governor (2021-22) thanked everyone for joining today’s MoU ceremony. He said this is a great Initiative to start the telemedicine service at Indira Gandhi Hospital which will certainly reduce the burden of exhausted doctors and help the masses.

Prof. Parag Singhal, Executive Director, BAPIO Training Academy & Co- Chair, Health Committee, PHD Chamber explained how the tele-medicine benefitted more than 1,00,000 patients virtually at the time of covid. He thanked Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal, President, PHDCCI for connecting them to Indira Gandhi Hospital, one of the largest public health hospital in Delhi.

Prof. Harvinder Popli, President, RCDC (2021-22) thanked all for gracing today’s historical occasion to start the Telemedicine centre at IG hospital which will aim to support the Indian Healthcare professionals and also to the patients en-mass. She further said that the future of Telemedicine is intertwined with accessible technology and this MOU is yet another step of Rotary to change lives through this initiative.

Dr. Niti Jain, Professor & Head, Indira Gandhi Hospital, New Delhi thanked everyone for their support to start the telemedicine service at Indira Gandhi hospital and it will surely help reduce their burden not only for covid but also for non covid patients.

Sharing his thoughts, Mr. Saurabh Sanyal, Secretary General, PHDCCI thanked all the partners for their support to this initiative. He appreciated the BAPIO Training Academy for providing the support of international doctors through telemedicine services and help reduce the burden of Indian healthcare professionals. He thanked the Medical Director, Indira Gandhi Hospital for his vision to start the digital healthcare services at this hospital, which will definitely help reduce the burden during these Covid times for handling Covid and non Covid patients. He also thanked the Rotary Club for their extended support.

Mr. Vivek Seigell, ASG, PHDCCI during his moderation thanked all the partners for coming together for this cause. This service will increase the chances of survival by providing necessary medical advice and increase the availability of doctors and will enable a faster diagnosis and treatment of the patients.


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