We must save our Environment as it is vital for Sustaining Humanity

No.PR-264 September 23, 2020 New Delhi We must save our Environment as it is vital for Sustaining Humanity We must preserve our Heritage and restore the natural balance of the Environment, mentioned Padma Shri Prof. Dinesh Singh, Former Vice Chancellor, Delhi University in the session by Environment Committee of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry on “Respecting the Environment: Global Challenges”. Prof. Dinesh Singh, Former Vice Chancellor, Delhi University gave a global perspective on the environmental issues. While delivering his address he deliberated on the dangerous aspects of Climate Change by saying that Greenland is losing ice very rapidly into the Arctic Ocean causing the water level of the oceans to rise. He said that Many Islands have been submerged due to rising sea levels. Furthermore, He deliberated that the temperatures are rising at a shocking rate in the Polar Regions due to the heat absorbed by the water. The Arctic region lost a fair amount of ice, in two weeks, due to which it absorbed more heat than the entire energy consumed by the United States in a year, said Prof. Singh. He further talked about the concept of atmospheric reverse wherein the heat trapped in the atmosphere heats up the oceans which further vaporises the water, because of the heat, in huge amounts which further causes tropical storms damaging the environment even more. Temperatures in the Arctic Region also shot up by almost 500 F in the month of December i.e. the middle of winter due to the storm occurred in the United States, said Prof. Singh. He also talked about severe droughts in Syria which has destroyed more than half of its farmlands which have now turned into deserts which can’t be recovered again. Talking about the recent bush fires, he said that an alarming rate of tree cover loss is taking place which is destroying the tropical forests and is almost equivalent to losing a football field sized area every second. He also highlighted the harmful effects of plastic on the environment. Tons of plastic is turning up in the oceans which is harming the marine life severely due to the microfibers present in plastic, said Prof. Singh. Sharing some positive points, Prof. Dinesh Singh said that India has not lost a single species of wildlife and the forest areas have also not been declined. He also talked about how usage of renewable energy can work wonders. He concluded by saying that one must make conscious efforts to preserve the heritage and contribute by helping in maintaining the ecological balance. Mr Mahendra Rustagi, Co-chairman, Environment Committee, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry while welcoming Prof Dinesh Singh highlighted the importance of respecting the Environment. Environment is the essence of our existence, it is pivotal and we owe our duty and responsibility towards it to ensure that we do not pollute or damage it, said Mr Rustagi. Dr J S Sharma, Co-chairman, Environment Committee, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry delivered a formal vote of thanks to all the esteemed panellists, participants and summarised the session. Dr Ranjeet Mehta, Principal Director, PHD Chamber in his introductory remarks emphasized that it is one’s duty to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life, and to have compassion for living creatures. He talked about the year long, pan India initiative Titled ‘Citizens’ Duties Awareness Programme’ by the Department of Justice. Ends Media Division PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry