Tracing, managing, and monitoring of COVID patients has become the centerfold solution of heading towards a COVID free society said by Mr. Prem Sharma, CEO, DayToDay Health

No.PR-161 July 13, 2020 New Delhi Tracing, managing, and monitoring of COVID patients has become the centerfold solution of heading towards a COVID free society said by Mr. Prem Sharma, CEO, DayToDay Health PHD Chamber in association with DayToDay Health organized a webinar on CovidCare Platform: Trace, Manage & Monitor on 10th July 2020. The webinar was graced by the presence of Dr. G L Agarwal, President & Founder Trustee, Social Action Foundation, Dr. N. Subramanian, Chair, Health Committee & Director, Medical Services, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Mr. Prem Sharma, Founder & CEO, DayToDay Health, Dr. Vishnu Vardhan, Chief Operating Officer, DayToDay Health, Ms. Yvonne Biggins, Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead, DayToDay Health, Mr. Saurabh Sanyal, Secretary general, PHD Chamber and the session was moderated by Mr. Vivek Seigell, Principal Director, PHD Chamber Dr. Subramanian in his welcome address said that the current pandemic has been very stressful and has put a massive pressure on entire Health care system. He said the corona virus disease has hit us very strongly and therefore identification, isolation& testing have become important mechanism to reduce the transmission. The remote identifying platforms can help in identifying and assessing the patient’s population. Enabling the pre assessments and care protocols could help reduce the risk of exposure for both patients and their care team, and potentially slow the spread of the COVID-19 disease by decreasing the number of unnecessary hospital visits or in-person consultations He further added that the Telemedicine concept have been accelerated during these COVID period playing an important role in providing consultation to the patients without vising to the Hospital and could especially be useful for the elderly people at home. Dr. G LAgarwal said that there are lot of activities done under the social Action foundation. He said the foundation is working on various social activities like education, training and skilling, specially girls for helping the doctors in Healthcare activities. He further explained about the most effective methods of increasing involvement and support for the education of BPL youth. Mr. Prem Sharma gave a brief presentation about the DayToDay platform and explained about the various uses of the platform for the general public as well as the care givers. Mr. Sharma further said that today tracing, managing, and monitoring of COVID patients has become the centerfold solution of heading towards a COVID free society. Our COVID Care Platform acts like a mini-clinic that allows patients a seamless delivery of healthcare that also includes mental healthcare and counselling apart from physical health. The program is an evidence-backed, holistic care program that can be used for overall well-being of a patient. He further explained various features of the Covidcare platform and said that the platform is ready and could activate within 10minutes time frame to serve various corporates companies, hospitals etc. Dr. Vishnu Vardhanexplained about thekey components of the crisis response plan for Covid &how to deal with the situation. He also explained how one could operate his business and work smoothly during these challenging times. Dr. Vardhan also mentioned that during these unlocking days of pandemic the Industry is also facing enormous challenges and simultaneously keeping the balance between the life and livelihood. “It is important for enterprises – small, medium and large to track the health and wellness quotient of their employees. DayToDay’s COVID care program encapsulates key measures that help enterprises effectively handle their employees remotely,” shared Dr. Vishnu Vardhan, COO, DayToDay Health. Ms. Yvonne Biggins explained about the different needs of the different people during this pandemic to deal with the mental stress by keeping his/herself calm. She has also explained various benefits related to the platform like the use of teleconsultation module of the platform and how it could be very useful for the patients during this challenging times. Ms. Biggins further added that through the platform patient can discuss and take consultation &advise with the doctor for their condition. She said mental health also plays an important role in many ways&explained the concept of mental health and how one could think of positive thoughts during any negative situation. Ms. Biggins said that the platform has trained doctors and nurses to fight COVID and could also deploy the clinicians to serve any number of patients. “Dealing with COVID-19 can be strenuous for the patient and the caregiver. It can also lead to severe mental stress and the feeling of loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Our platform is equipped to handle each patient/caregiver’s unique case and help in optimizing their well-being,” said Yvonne Biggins, Mental Health and Wellness Lead, DayToDay Health Mr. Vivek Seigell gave a vote of thanks to all the panellists, media partners like Medgate, DrugToday & Pharmatutor and all those who have joined the webinar & Shared their thoughts. The webinar was attended by more than 50 delegates. Ends Media Division PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry