The Government of Jharkhand to Celebrate the Skilling and Placements of its Skilled Youth during Global Skill Summit 2019 at Ranchi


January 9, 2019


The Government of Jharkhand to Celebrate the Skilling and Placements of its Skilled Youth during Global Skill Summit 2019 at Ranchi

The Government of Jharkhand through Jharkhand Skill Development Mission Society (JSDMS) and other concerned departments will create a global platform of job-creators, influential policy-makers from the government and industry to celebrate the skilling and placements of its skilled youths during the imminent Global Skill Summit 2019, scheduled to be held on 10th of January 2019 at Ranchi.

Noticeably, the Government of Jharkhand has made the giant leap forward and has secured making an inclusive skilling eco-system in state that has had made tremendous positive impacts through about 100000 jobs for the youths from the State.

The Summit which will have the esteemed presence of State’s Governor and Chief Minister is appearing to firming-up the State of Jharkhand,as a “Skill Hub of India.” It is in public domain, how the various initiatives by the Government of Jharkhand have enabled the State’s youth to come forward to get mainstreamed through access to skilling, employment opportunities and socio-economic empowerment.

In later phases, the Government of Jharkhand hassucceeded in setting up of more than 20 mega Skill Centres within the State, truly representing the vision of Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi to skill the youth of at scale, speed and standard.

“At Skill Summit 2018, Momentum Jharkhand held on 12th January, 2018 about 26000 job offers were given to skill youths from the State in private sectors which created a benchmark in the skill eco system of the country. The Global Skill Summit 2019 will acknowledge the fact how the State has given over 100000 jobs to its skilled youths,” said CEO, JSDMS, Mr Amar Jha.

The MD of JSDMS, Mr Ravi Ranjan, added that on account of State’s focus on skilling, accolades were received by Government of Jharkhand from various quarters and succeeded its inclusion in ‘Limca Book of Records’ highest number of placement offers to its youth in a single day.

In order to carry forward the positive momentum for skilling and employability, the State of Government has set up a new benchmark which can be replicated by many other States of India. Also, Jharkhand inspires through its investor-friendly policies which have resulted in better gains for its youth.

It is also believed that in future more diversified and sustainable gains would accrue to it. Through sustained favourable policies and practical trickling down of them, the Government of Jharkhand is headed to script a new positive chapter in India’s history.


Koteshwar Prasad Dobhal

Consultant (PR)