“Sankalpa is having a vision wherein nature helps to give you success and happiness,” says Dr. Mahesh Gupta, CMD, Kent RO Ltd & Former President, PHD Chamber

No.PR-170 July 20, 2020 New Delhi “Sankalpa is having a vision wherein nature helps to give you success and happiness,” says Dr. Mahesh Gupta, CMD, Kent RO Ltd & Former President, PHD Chamber The Young Business Leaders Forum of the PHD Chamber organized the Leadership Talk Series with Dr. Mahesh Gupta, CMD, Kent RO Ltd, and Former President, PHD Chamber. Dr. Mahesh Gupta shared his life journey, throwing light on his educational background that included schooling from a government school to getting admission to IIT and gradually joining one of the most prominent oil companies of the country. He mentioned how he took the risk of leaving the prestigious oil company and ventured into the business of manufacturing instruments for oil testing under the brand name KENT OIL METERS that went on to be successful. Later he moved to water purifying business wherein he used to assemble ROs and sell. Sharing his belief, Dr. Gupta mentioned that one needs to continuously evolve and change in business to be successful. He stressed that Young Business Leaders should take quick decisions in life. He emphasized that to reduce noise and to be a righteous person, one should take up yoga/ meditation that would help to make good decisions. He added that “the threat of your own business should keep you on your toes.” Talking about the motivation of the employees in an organization, he said that motivation need not be in the form of incentives or increased salary but by showing that one care for them. He mentioned about a golden principle that one should follow in his or her life was, “If you follow the money, misery will follow but if you do your business with an attitude to serve, it will bring you happiness”. Taking the challenging times into the picture, Dr. Gupta shared that “Sankalpais having a vision wherein nature helps to give you success and happiness”, which is an extract from the teachings of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living and has had a significant influence on his life. Dr. Mahesh Gupta inspired the young leaders by saying ‘Dreams should not let you sleep’ and ‘one should stay within means’. These two mantras should be followed religiously to get success. Post his address, several questions were put up before Dr. Gupta by the attendees to seek his guidance on how he ensured regular innovation, brand building, and financial sustainability for his company. Dr. DK Aggarwal, President PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry in his presidential address apprised Dr. Mahesh Gupta for being the first generation entrepreneur starting from scratch. He said that Dr. Gupta is full of innovative ideas and positive energy especially in these times when most of the industry members are feeling so negative. He also mentioned that there can’t be a better source of inspiration for the Young Business leaders than Dr. Gupta. Besides, he also reiterated one of the principles that Dr. Gupta follows, which is “Think big, you will automatically become big” Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal, Senior Vice President, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry while delivering concluding remarks and formal of a vote of thanks to Dr. Mukesh Gupta and other participants ,mentioned that Dr Gupta’s mantras of quick decision making, clarity of vision , passion and righteousness are not only worth learning for the young business leaders but everyone. Dr Gupta’s thought of maintaining a hold on the basic qualities in life has not only made Dr Gupta build a persona as a business professional but has also helped him to build a holistic persona. Ms. Aditi Pasari, Chairperson, Young Business Leaders Forum (YBLF) mentioned that how important it is to listen to the words of wisdom and guidance from an Industry Stalwart like Dr. Mahesh Gupta, especially during these tough times when COVID has hit the businesses and economy. She expressed how YBLF fraternity and she were eagerly looking forward to hearing from Dr. Gupta. She also asked the industry people to stay positive and motivated during this challenging time and pointed out that complaining is not the key to success, finding solutions and opportunities from the crisis would surely help one to survive. The other dignitaries present during the webinar included Dr. R K Somany, Former President, PHD Chamber, Dr. Ashok Khanna, Former President, PHD Chamber, Mr. Gopal Jiwarajka, Former President, PHD Chamber, Mr. Salil Gupta, Co-Chair, YBLF, Mr. Harsh Kataruka, Co-Chair, YBLF, and Mr. Saurabh Sanyal, Secretary-General, PHD Chamber. The webinar was moderated by Mr. Vivek Seigell, Principal Director, PHD Chamber. The webinar had a participation of 140 attendees, which indicated that how eager the Industry members were to hear from an eminent speaker like Dr. Mahesh Gupta. Ends Media Division PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry