PHDCCI Jammu & Jammu University Holds Webinar on Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights & Launch of Online Certificate Course on IP Rights

No. PR- 145 November 25, 2020 New Delhi PHDCCI Jammu & Jammu University Holds Webinar on Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights & Launch of Online Certificate Course on IP Rights The PHD Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Jammu in association with University of Jammu organized a webinar on Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights, aimed at Career prospective in IPR with formal Launch of Online Certificate Course on IPR. The webinar was graced by luminaries from academia and Industry Shri Sanjay Aggarwal, National President, PHDCCI, delivered the Welcome address, the Key note Address was delivered by Dr. Mahesh Gupta, Former President PHDCCI & Brand Ambassador PHDIPFC and Chair & Managing Director Kent RO Systems Ltd, Prof. M K Dhar, Vice-Chancellor, Jammu University was the Chief Guest , Sh. Rahul Sahai, Chair, PHDCCI Jammu Shared the Industry Perspective among other eminent panelists and experts who attended the Webinar were Ms. Anoo Malhotra(KAS), Director industries , Jammu , Sh. Saheel Yaqoob Allaqaband (MET), Assistant Director MSMEDI-J&K, , Ms. Nishi Shabana, Founder Partner Lume Legal-IPR & Food, Prof. Ankur Gupta, Director Model Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jammu, the session concluded with formal vote of thanks by Sh. Kuldeep Gupta (Co-Chair, PHDCCI, Jammu). In his welcome Address Sh. Sanjay Aggarwal said that Intellectual Property Rights has become quintessential for the economic and social development and can play the role of a game changer in business. India is an emerging economy with a myriad of challenges, and therefore there is need for innovation. A vibrant innovation culture needs to be developed further and a strong enforcement mechanism is needed for the protection of these rights and promotion of business. I assure that in this mission, the IPFC, with the support of the Academic Institutes and the state government we will be able to take IPR awareness to each and every student and entrepreneur of J&K, Shri Aggarwal Added. Mr Aggarwal further stated that we recognize the importance of IPR for the development of the economy and are committed to ensure due protection and encouragement to intellectual property. The Chamber hopes to address important and relevant issues in the sphere of Intellectual Property particularly in context of MSMEs as a continual process. He concluded and said that I seek the blessings and guidance of both Dr Mahesh Gupta and Prof Dhar, to help PHD Chamber IPR Facilitation Centre take a lead role in the state. Dr. Mahesh Gupta, in his key note address said that we must Compliment and congratulate the PHDCCI for the launch of this online certification course on IP Rights. He explained the initial procedure of patent filing and the approach required for the entire patent filing process. He briefed about the various forms involved in the filing process and how to pursue patents search online or in the patent office. He also discussed the need of patent filing in India which has remained an ignorant area by now. He also told that Patents are territorial rights, so an Indian patent will only give the owner rights within India and rights to stop others from importing products into Indian Territory. He emphasized that since the inventor obtains the exclusive right to the invention, the inventor can exercise this right by preventing others from commercially using the patented invention thereby reducing the competition and thus establishing a place in the commercial market. Sh. Rahul Sahai in his address while welcoming all the guests said that there was an urgent need to set up an IP facilitation centre in Jammu in order to make it easier for the region to raise queries in matters of Intellectual Property and pace up innovations. He introduced the chamber activities and its role in policy advocacy and economic development. He said that no amount of career advice is the end game. No one can assess you better than yourself and tell you what you need to work on. Just work hard. Work harder than anyone above you and below you. Nothing commands respect and satisfaction more than a good work ethic. This IPR career gig isn’t easy but you’ll make it through and we are thankful to Jammu University for getting associated with PHD Chamber for organizing the awareness about career prospective and introduction to IPR. Shri. Saheel Yaqoob, Assistant Director, MSMEDI-J&K touched upon the topic ‘Patent filing procedures and Case Studies’. He explained the in detail the importance of patent for economic development of country .Saheel stated that China alone accounted for almost half of all the world’s patent filings, with India also registering impressive increases. He distinguished Patentable and Non patentable inventions in India. He gave various examples of patents in Life Science. The procedure for the application of patents and the various steps of granting of patents, trademarks and MSME assistance were enlightened by Allaqaband. He concluded by congratulating PHD Chamber of Organizing such event and he assures MSME DI support and assistance for future endeavors in IPR and other Schemes of MSME in J&K. Ms. Anoo Malhotra Director Industries Jammu in her address highlighted the basic concepts of Intellectual Property Rights. “Intellectual property” and explained various handholding schemes of government for Startups and Entrepreunrs to venture through IPR. She added that IP by itself neither helps nor hinders development necessarily. It is how laws, policies and practices are designed and used in different countries that determine whether IP is effective for development purposes. Ms Anoo said that a business stops growing when it is unable to respond to the changing needs of the customers. She added that an innovation process includes preparation, implementation, scaling up, evaluation and improvement of ideas. She said that for businesses, the key to success is inventing and encouraging new ideas and leveraging the years of experience. She emphasized that there is robust need of organizing awareness programmes among MSME`s, Students, Scholars, innovators and Startups regarding IPR and its benefits and she offered to help and assist in organizing and providing the resource persons for IPR awareness and dissemination among Industry. Prof. Ankur Gupta Director Model Institute of Engineering mentioned that IP Rights are the deep commercial interests. He stated that in India software patenting is not allowed and which leads to be harmful for the IT Industry and this needs to be taken care of and the IP Rights in India should be equivalent to the Standardized international level. He also emphasized that the patents and other IP rights needs to be made within stipulated time frame at par with other developing countries. Speaking on the occasion, Founding Partner of Lume Legal, Ms. Nishi Shabana mentioned it is mostly the lack of IPR education, lack of interests amongst Industries to encourage R& D and lack of motivation to encourage commercialization of inventions that’s a major bottleneck in commercialization and Technology transfer. The online certification course will help the students to pursue their career in IPR Field as an IP Agent, patent Engineer, and proper Course Modules will be setup so that the Students will see IPR as career option. The Chief Guest of Webinar Prof. Manoj Dhar Vice-chancellor Jammu University praised and complimented the Jammu Chapter of PHDCCI for planning and organizing such event in association with Jammu University. He said that Academic institutions will continue to play an important role in facilitating skilled human resource to industries, government institutions, academia & R&D. The knowledge society puts heavy demands on R&D in scientific, engineering and other areas in order to respond to market needs quickly. Collaborative Research and development among national and overseas institutions is likely to become very important for finding new solutions to problems. Therefore, the education, science & technology and industry departments have to create an environment which promotes knowledge about protection and management of IPRs generated in colleges and universities at different levels. This may call for a paradigm change in the manner research is done in the universities and emphasis would need to be placed on the practical business realities involved in technology development. He mentioned these types of programs with industry academia collaborations would encourage Startups and MSMEs in this region to protect their ideas and innovations which mostly inculcate at primary and secondary level of education. Thanking the eminent speakers and participants, Mr Kuldeep Gupta Co-chairman Jammu said that very useful information was shared during the program and will greatly benefit Industry and Students and encourage them to use IPR tools for their benefit. More than 200 participants attended and benefited from the programme and whole session was moderated by Ms Mallika Verma Director PHDCCI. Ends Media Division PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry