PHD Chamber welcomes Ministry of MSME’s announcement to form five Ministerial Task Forces enabling it to strategize & be future ready

No.PR-272 September 29, 2020 New Delhi

PHD Chamber welcomes Ministry of MSME’s announcement to form five Ministerial Task Forces enabling it to strategize & be future ready

PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industries welcomes the announcement made by the Secretary, Ministry of MSME Shri Arvind Kumar Sharma to form five Ministerial Task Forces to strategize and make the Ministry and MSMEs of India future-ready. The Ministry of MSME has formed five Ministerial task forces which will be headed by senior officers of the Ministry and these task forces would work for a month in five key areas which need to be strengthened for scaling up the capacities and capabilities of MSMEs in the country.

President of the Chamber Dr. D.K. Aggarwal, welcoming the above landmark initiative of the Government, said that the objectives of the Ministry to constitute five task forces to make India’s micro, small and medium enterprises future-ready and formulate a concrete strategy towards making the country a leading exporter, is a laudable step. It would spur the overall growth of the sector which, in turn, would enhance the productivity and contribution of MSMEs and help in creation of more employment opportunities in the country.

Dr Aggarwal said that the Government of India has of late, made several announcements to bring changes in policies to promote the MSMEs and make their operations comparatively easier. The Ministry’s decision to establish five special task forces to take the MSMEs into future is very timely as the MSMEs need special attention of the Government at this time to not only revive their operations post Covid 19 but to also become ‘Aatmanirbhar” in the true spirit by becoming globally competitive.

Highlighting the objectives of these task forces, Dr Aggarwal stated that the first Ministerial task force on Industry 4.0 encompassing AI, Machine learning, 3D printing, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) etc. would help make India a global leader in Industry 4.0. The second task force on export promotion and import reduction with focus on competitive manufacturing and better domestic design technology, packaging, marketing and backward/ forward linkages would make India a global manufacturing hub and a leading exporter of many more products.

Similarly, the third task force on Re-engineering and vertical/horizontal integration of the Cluster schemes of the Ministry including ASPIRE, SFURTY and MSE-CDP would facilitate full integration of Clusters and showcase them as world class Industrial MSME Clusters.

The fourth task force has been established to set up new Technology Centres and Tool Rooms and to strengthen their linkages with the Industry including PSUs, Government Institutions and other private and public sector Institutes in order to establish effective Industry-Institutes linkages and make them globally benchmarked MSME Institutes.

The fifth task force established to dovetail the modernization schemes of the Ministry of MSME like ZED, Design and IPRs etc. will make Indian MSMEs Lean, modern, economically and yet globally competitive.

The President Dr. Aggarwal, appreciating the above announcement made by the Government, further stated that the Industry whole heartedly appreciates the objectives of establishing these task forces and looks forward to their positive outcomes. PHD Chamber is fully ready to support the Government in this endeavour and would furnish required feedback and inputs to these task forces for achieving the objectives. “ We sincerely hope that with the implementation of these measures, Indian MSMEs would stand to benefit a lot in terms of their technical strengths and global competitiveness to take India towards becoming a fully ‘Aatmanirbhar’ nation as per the clarion call of our Hon. Prime Minister,” said Dr Aggarwal.

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