It is essential for an India based business to not only have interest in the Chilean market, but also to have the right agent, and proper registration, with H.E. Ms. Anita Nayar, Ambassador of India to Chile

No.PR-38 April 29, 2020 New Delhi It is essential for an India based business to not only have interest in the Chilean market, but also to have the right agent, and proper registration, with H.E. Ms. Anita Nayar, Ambassador of India to Chile India has always been at the forefront in establishing and maintaining its relations with other countries of the world. The International Affairs Committee for Americas, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized an Interactive Video Conference on ‘India – Chile Business Promotion, Challenges, and Opportunities – Post-COVID 19’ with H.E. Ms. Anita Nayar, Ambassador of India to Chile, Shri Suresh Kumar, Joint Secretary, FT (LAC), Ministry of Commerce, Govt of India, and Ms. Andrea Rojas Van Dyck, General Manager, CAM INDIA on 28th April 2020. The Objective of the Video Conference was to have a meaningful discussion to understand the Impact of COVID 19 and the challenges being faced for promoting business activities as regards export and import, travel restrictions, and also understand the potential and possibilities of enhancing bilateral trade post lockdown. The session witnessed a participation of more than 70 industry players and senior’ members of PHD Chamber and industry players participation from Chile as well. H. E. Ms. Anita Nayar, Ambassador of India to Chile thanked PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry for being supportive and arranging such an interactive session in such times of crisis. She shared her views on various trade opportunities and scope of different industries that businesses could have if they are interested to venture out in the Chilean market. She apprised that pre-COVID 19 scenario in Chile was not so good due to the social unrest, and companies were closing, it was impacting the businesses, and now Post COVID 19 the Government is trying it’s best to get back in form and help the businesses. H. E. Ms. Anita Nayar she said that the Chile-India Chamber of Commerce (CAM INDIA) can help the government to get better handholding, and also that CAM INDIA can help businesses with registrations because it is essential for a business to not only have interest in the Chilean market, but also to have the right agent, and proper registration. Sh. Suresh Kumar, Joint Secretary, FT (LAC), Ministry of Commerce, Government of India appreciated this platform and the Video Conference organized by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry to connect the Ministry with the Ambassador of Chile as well as with the delegates from various sectors. He mentioned that the government because of the ongoing lockdown in India, any activity cannot take place, especially with regards to businesses. The government will take the right steps to ensure mobility. He also shared that there is a huge potential for India to increase its trade with the LAC region, it is also an area where the government is focusing on. He discussed that the FT (LAC) division of the Ministry is working in close cooperation with various agencies to identify focus areas to increase bilateral trade opportunities. The Focus LAC Program of the Ministry of Commerce is in place for 20 years. He assured that if there are any new recommendations by the Government of Chile or the industry professionals to include in Focus LAC, the Ministry will be happy to address those as well as include them in the program after consideration. Mr. K. V. Nagi Reddy, Director, FT-LAC, Dept of Commerce shared some observations with regards to the trade between Chile and India. He pointed out that in the current financial year the exports from India to Chile have declined, especially the sectors where we have the potential for export are the main concern. Imports from Chile have also reduced in the current financial year. We can look at Chile as a reliable and potential trade partner. Chile and India have an agreement to issue a Certificate of Origin due to PTA. The Chilean government has accepted that for the beginning a few months, it will help in the clearance of consignments even before COO is issued. The issue of the regulatory barrier should be solved by the governments. It is time that both countries focus on certain sectors to enhance trade opportunities, which have tremendous scope in the future. Ms. Andrea Rojas Van Dyck, General Manager, CAM INDIA gave an insight into the economic scenario in Chile presently, along with the status of COVID 19 in the country. She shared that the country is doing well in terms of decreasing the spread of the virus as there are fewer casualties as compared to other nations, and the country is not under lockdown, but only following basic social distancing and quarantine rules. She said that for the Chilean government, India is a priority country right now, and CAM INDIA can help businesses find the right partners. Mr. Pradeep Multani, Vice President, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomed the dignitaries and the delegates in the conference. He apprised the distinguished guests from Chile about the various steps the Government of India is taking with regards to curtailing the spread of COVID 19. He shared that people are following the protocol suggested by the AYUSH Ministry related to the benefits of Ayurvedic medicines to boost immunity, and about 70% of the total population of India believes in the Ayurveda system. He shared that even before the onset of this pandemic, the global economy was confronting turbulence because of disruptions in trade flows and attenuated growth. The situation has now been aggravated by the demand, supply, and liquidity shocks that COVID-19 has inflicted globally. The sudden brakes in economic activity resulting from various mitigation measures that we are witnessing in the world’s largest economies are simply unprecedented. While we are now focusing in India on securing the population from health hazards and on providing relief, we also need to think long-term – to secure the health of the economy, the viability of the business, and the livelihoods of people said Mr. Pradeep Multani. He discussed that India Trade bodies and Sectoral Council’s and PHDCCI in the LAC region during the last few years have done events under the MAI scheme to enhance the trade trajectory between the two regions. Mr. Amitava Ray, Chairperson, Americas Committee, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry apprised that the year 2019 began on a high note with the visit of Hon’ble Rashtrapatiji Shri Ram Nath Kovind to Chile. The visit took place last year when we celebrated the 70th year of establishment of India-Chile diplomatic relations. He also shared that India and Chile have signed Agreements and MoUs covering various fields of cooperation such as Sports, Science & Technology, Defense, Air Services, Agriculture, New, and Renewable Energy, Education, Outer Space, Geology and Mineral Resources, and Gainful employment of spouses and eligible dependents of diplomatic personnel. Ms. Rashmi Chopra, Co-Chair, International Affairs Committee Americas, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry pointed out India must expands and strengthen its Focus LAC policy and looks to take advantage of the US-China trade war, and Hatred developing world over towards China due to Covid-19, it’s the opportunity for India to understand that how important Latin America is as a trading zone for India. If we make the region-to-region comparison, India’s exports to Central America ($968 million) are more than what we ship to the Central Asian republics ($442 million), although the latter is far closer and has a bigger population said, Ms. Rashmi Chopra. Mr. Saurabh Sanyal, Secretary-General, PHD Chamber a formal vote of thanks to the delegates and participants of the webinar and made some relevant recommendation on the lines of “Exim bank in Washington should be shifted to Sau Polo for better interaction in LAC region, Large line of credit, Indian university should promote Latin American studies in Spanish and Portuguese”. He also proposed that the India and Latin America Business Conclave and need to involve in a big way. According to him India and Chile has tremendous amount of opportunity and infrastructure, Hospitality etc. could be a great starting point as major raw material can be exported from India. Lastly he proposed that RBSM could be done in tier 2 cities in India which are the manufacturing HUB. The webinar was moderated by Mr. Naveen Seth, Principal Director, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industries. The webinar was attended by other senior PHD members and industry stalwarts. 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