Experts Highlight the Economic & Environmental Benefits of Energy Efficient Technology at PHDCCI Video Conference

No.PR-268 September 25, 2020 New Delhi Experts Highlight the Economic & Environmental Benefits of Energy Efficient Technology at PHDCCI Video Conference Experts highlighted the economic and environmental benefits of energy efficient technology at a video conference on Innovative Approach for Implementing Integrated Energy Efficient Solutions in Industries & Facilities organized by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI) here today. Welcoming the speakers and participants, Mr. Karan Gilhotra, Chair, Punjab State Chapter, PHDCCI said that saving energy cost by installing better and efficient equipment is the need of the hour as higher energy efficiency will reduce operating costs and enhance profitability. This will also reduce the adverse environmental impacts of energy usage. Addressing the Session, Mr. Mayur Karmarkar. Managing Director, ICA India stated that adopting energy efficient technology is a win-win situation for Industry because it not only saves on power cost but also helps in reducing the carbon footprints. Explaining the Energy Efficient Initiatives & Measures adopted by his company to save energy costs, Mr. Ashween Parmar, DGM- Maintenance, Sonalika Group informed that they have saved hugely by replacing the conventional lights with LED lights and old motors with new efficient ones and installing energy efficient compressors. He added that as employee support is vital to ensure success of energy management initiative, therefore, their company started a campaign to educate their workers about the benefits of saving energy and show how they can decrease operating costs and increase competitiveness. Delivering the Keynote address, Mr. Anil Kumar Choudhary, Head –Operations |Chief General Manager from EESL explained how EESL helps industrial and commercial institutions to identify the type of technology they need to adopt for energy efficiency. He also enlightened participants how EESL helps industries to buy new equipment at competitive cost. He also explained the Pay-As-You-Save (PAYS) business model of EESL under which upfront payment of equipment is borne by EESL and the company can pay back in easy 3 year instalments out of the savings from the new technology intervention. Mr. Vivek Utpal, Senior Manager, EPSL Trigeneration Pvt. Ltd. highlighted that Trigeneration technology involves the combined generation of three types of energy and produces Cooling, Heat and Power simultaneously. He stated that this technology is not only cost effective but also helps in minimizing the impact on environment. Mr. Abhishek Dhupar, Program Consultant, ICA India stated that his organization is working for improving energy efficiency by encouraging industry to upgrade to better and more efficient IE2 and IE3 motors. He informed that majority of the manufacturers have stopped manufacturing IE1 motors and now the minimum available efficiency class is IE2. But still the switchover has not been completely achieved due to lack of awareness and financial constraints in replacing the existing equipment. He underlined that even a relatively small gain in electric motor system efficiency can result in a significant reduction in the electricity consumption of individual companies resulting in reduction in input cost and increased profit. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Anant Shukla, AGM, EESL informed about the Super-Efficient Air Conditioning program initiated by EESL under which they help the industry and commercial institutions to acquire super efficient ACs at competitive price. This Super-Efficient ACs work efficiently and reduce the power consumption. EESL helps in purchase and complaint management and redressal, and fulfilment of warranty obligations for the products by the supplier. Thanking the speakers and participants, Mr. R S Sachdeva, Mentor, Punjab State Chapter, PHDCCI hoped the useful information shared during the program will benefit the participants. 100 Industry members from across different sectors attended and benefited from the program. Ends Media Division PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry