Digital Marketing To Be The New Normal For Marketers: Say Experts At PHDCCI Webinar

No.PR-147 June 29, 2020 New Delhi Digital Marketing To Be The New Normal For Marketers: Say Experts At PHDCCI Webinar PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a Webinar on Importance of Digital Marketing in Current Situation today. Speaking on the occasion, experts said that covid-19 pandemichas changed customer behaviour and people continue to self-isolate and spend more time online, therefore, digital marketing channels are more important than ever and will be the new normal for marketers. Welcoming the expert speakers and participants, Mr. Mohit Jain, Chair, Haryana State Chapter, PHDCCI said that covid-19 pandemic has badly affected the Industry. Therefore, Industry is exploring new avenues to reach the prospective customers to increase their sales and exploring new mediums of marketing which are not only cost effective but also result oriented. At this stage, digital marketing has become vital for industry to survive. Digital marketing is the fastest and most effective way to promote and advertise a business online and the fastest method to connect with potential customers. Highlighting the role of digital marketing in food industry, Mr. Siddhant Jain, Brand Manager, Maltwin said that digital marketing has revolutionised industry and the change has been disruptive. During the Covid lockdown, food industry has used the social media platform aggressively for marketing their products. He added that while big brands can use national influencers, small businesses can effectively use local influencers for their promotional campaigns. Through targeted campaigns, brands can reach the desired audience. Mr. Bhuvan Mittal, Founder, Digifame Media underlined the importance of Digital Marketing in current situation as lockdowns and social distancing due to covid-19 pandemic have made traditional offline marketing difficult. He explained that all kind of businesses from small garment shops to Startups and from running a small tour agency to big businesses can use digital marketing. It is very cost effective and fastest way to connect with customers. Content marketing can be used to connect with customers and products can be planned / modified according to the testimonial/ reviews/feedback received from the customers. Businesses can also list themselves on Google or build and run Facebook page to attract people to their business. Mr. Mittal added that digital marketing allows marketers to manage their campaigns by fixing dates, target locations, devices, keywords, etc. according to their choice and requirement. Businesses can get the details about the customer behaviour, gender, interest, the source of visit, location, device etc. and after the filtration of this data, they can create very targeted digital marketing campaigns that ensure a good return on their investment. Thanking the expert speakers for explaining the various aspects and benefits of digital marketing, Mr. Anuj Aggarwal, Convener, Panchkula Zone, Haryana State Chapter, PHDCCI, said that currently industry is struggling to survive as demand is very low. He added that today digital presence is very important for all businesses. He hoped that the session and will help entrepreneurs to grow their business by using suitable digital marketing platforms. Ends Media Division PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry