Agriculture is one of the Top Focus Areas for Drone Technology

No. PR- 312 November 5, 2020 New Delhi Agriculture is one of the Top Focus Areas for Drone Technology Agriculture is one of our top focus areas for Drone and DISHA Funds. Drones are the devices which give eyes, ears, and limbs in the sky adding huge value in sectors like spraying, aerial mapping, aerial surveillance, aerial security, and remote monitoring especially in precision agriculture and input control deliberated Mr. Amber Dubey, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation in the technical session organized by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 6th INDIA FARM2FORK International Conference, Exhibition, Buyer Seller Meets themed Aatma Nirbhar Bharat – Produce Local Sell Global on ‘Crop & Nutrition Security For A Billion Plus & Exports – Need For Higher Yields And Quality Produce’. He discussed the different types of drones and how drones’ entrepreneurs are making them for monitoring and surveillance purposes. He deliberated about the rapid implementation of drone technology in the agriculture sector amidst the pandemic. He also discussed the usage of drones during the locust attack for spraying and monitoring purposes. Mr. Dubey emphasized that agriculture is at the topmost priority and, every measure is being taken to make this sector prosperous and profitable. Mr. Vijay Sardana, Member, Commodity Derivatives Advisory Committee, SEBI while moderating the technical session discussed the concept of one Nation, one Agricultural Market to help and improve quality produce and export agri-business. The government is looking at industry for make in India in the Agri space. We have to look at laws, reforms which have created areas of investment in the villages. He mentioned that agriculture is the only sector which is regulation free on the production sides. Looking at the present and future needs, we need to look at the role of the input industry has become vital and, it’s time for policymakers, technology providers, the industry has to work together. India needs to increase its production to meet the needs of the future at the same time ensure food security, technology advancement, the profitability of farmers, and crop affordability making India globally viable and competitive. Mr. Srinivas Karavadi, Head Reg. Affairs. BAYER talked about the Small Holder Farmer Project shaping Cop and Nutritional security. Giving a global outlook about farmers, he mentioned that there is a major portion of smallholder farmers, which produce a major share of produce and, we need to focus on increasing their productivity level needs and diligently reach them. The market is changing, farmers are looking for tailor-made solutions and, we need to explore value chain partnerships so that the income of the farmers’ increases. Mr. K S Thyagarajan, Crystal Crop Protection discussed the Role of Plant Nutrition/Biostimulants for higher yield and quality produce, talked about the impact of climate change and other environmental issues are creating an impact on this sector. We need to focus on improving our quality of products and nutrition value in the crop. We also need to focus on input led efficiency and market research that will help to grow the market. He mentioned that Bio Stimulants are essential in abiotic stress management because of climate change and, climate-smart protected cultivation is the need of the hour. Mr. Sudesh Tiwari, Dayal Seeds while deliberating about Improving productivity with seed hybridization and new varieties, mentioned that seed hybridization helps in disease tolerance, nutrition development, and security. This is one of the methods in modern agriculture that can help India is fighting the problem of national hunger making India Self-Reliant. Mr. Asitava Sen, CEO, Crop Life India in his presentation touch upon crop life approach towards crop and nutrition security with sustainable agriculture: safe judicious use of agrochemicals. He discussed creating a sustainable and profitable policy environment that facilitates investments in the industry as well as creating an ease of doing business environment and the importance of technology in enhancing efficiency. Dr. Shivendra Bajaj, PhD, Executive Director, FSII talked about Innovations in Agriculture and policy support for innovation & seed industry discussed that GM crops have increased farm productivity and decreased deforestations lowering pesticide use and carbon emission. Talking about plant breeding that is one of the innovations in the Indian seed industry, mentioned that Gene editing techniques help in making the yield more disease resistant, enhance taste and self-life. There is a need to increase seed export so that the Indian market can be more competitive and better in productivity. Mr. Rajendra Sankhe, COO, Grasim Industries Limited while discussing Improve Productivity with Balance use of fertilizers deliberated about the need to improve the quality of fertilizers for improving the yield for meeting the food requirement in the future. He encouraged using bio-fertilizers such as NPK fertilizer for sustainable agriculture growth. We need to understand the soil nutrition requirement for different crops and, according to make the fertilizer for the same, it will help to improve nutrition and yield for the long run, leading to an increase in farmers’ income and making India Self-Reliant. Mr. N K Aggarwal, Chair, Agriculture & Food Processing, PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry gave an industry outlook and deliberated about the need for crop security for bonus surplus, higher produce, and better quality. The session was moderated by Ms. Mallika Verma, Director, Agriculture & Food Processing PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry along with Mr. Vijay Sardana, Member, Commodity Derivatives Advisory Committee, SEBI and was attended by many industry stalwarts around the world. The Session was supported by Crystal Crop Protection Limited; German Development Cooperation (GIZ); Ambe Group; ITC; Olam Agro India; Sooperfoods; Anmol Industries; Bayer; Grasim Industries-Unit Indo Gulf and Dayal Group. The Supporting partners of the webinar were Indigram Labs; Crop Life India; Agro-Chem Federation of India (ACFI); Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry joined along with their members and also participated in the EXPO. Ends Media Division PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry