Acronym of Leadership is GRASP – Grow, Reflect, Accept, and Sensitive and Realize the Purpose

No.PR-158 July 8, 2020 New Delhi Acronym of Leadership is GRASP – Grow, Reflect, Accept, and Sensitive and Realize the Purpose PHD Family Welfare Foundation’s Women and Child Committee and PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a webinar on ‘Leadership in the time of COVID-19’ with Dr. Kiran Bedi, Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry. Dr. Kiran Bedi in her deliberation talked that in these times, we have been stuck wherever we were. There is a lockdown in terms of family growth, finances, and every other aspect of society. She said that pre-COVID-19 Wealth was Health but during and after COVID-19, it has changed our perceptions, and now Health has become Wealth. While talking about life before COVID-19, she said that we were in a world where more was less, outside were important that inside, friends were important than family, expenditure was shown off, big was beautiful and going out was essential. Now, all this has changed, now home is the world, saving is the mantra and mobility has reduced. Earlier we were physically connected and now we need each other emotionally more. Even though there is a social distance, but there is higher social connectivity. The concern for the welfare of each other has increased. We need to understand that this is an unprepared disaster but, we need to understand there have been other disasters in the past that we have fought through with unity and taken all precautions, said Dr. Kiran Bedi. Talking about the leadership of the company, Dr. Kiran Bedi highlighted that this is a time of accepting the reality, reconciliation, reflection, learning new, understanding, contentment, up-skilling, mental nutrition, consolidate, and self-reliance. It’s also a time for precaution and caution. She gave the Acronym of Leadership i.e. GRASP which means – Growth, Reflect, Accept, Sensitive and Realize the Purpose. She said that we need to be nibble with the digital ability and use this form of technology to stay connected. Leaders need to empower other employees to take responsibility. They need to delegate the work, unite each other, and stay concerned for each other. Dr. D K Aggarwal, President, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry in his presidential remarks gave gratitude to Dr. Kiran Bedi for her diligent efforts and initiatives undertaken over the years that have been honored by India and world. He deliberated about her life journey that has inspired citizens of India over the years. While honoring her presence, he said that she has been a symbol of women empowerment and a woman India is proud. He also shared his incidents with Dr. Kiran Bedi that has inspired him and the citizens of the nation. Talking about the unprecedented global crisis of COVID-19, he mentioned that we have united and come out of this situation victoriously. PHD Chamber extends full support and solidarity to propagate the idea of Self-Reliant India and work on the footsteps of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. He raised queries regarding the role and work of a leader in these times. He also presented the memento of PHD Welfare Foundation to Dr. Kiran Bedi. Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal, Senior Vice President, PHD Chamber in his welcome address while embracing the presence of Dr. Kiran Bedi, mentioned the efforts and initiatives undertaken by her in Puducherry and other states of India. He said that , ‘In these times, we need guidance from a charismatic leader like you so that we sail through these times smoothly’. Ms. Anuradha Goel, Chairperson, PHD Family Welfare Foundation in her welcome address giving a brief insight into Dr. Kiran Bedi’s metamorphic career and life journey said that She has always inspired the citizens of the country. She lauded her efforts and initiatives undertaken by Dr. Kiran Bedi in Puducherry that has made the city modular, safe, and eco-friendly. She also deliberated about the various activities and initiatives taken by PHD Welfare Foundation in supporting society and helping the needy. Mr. Pradeep Multani, Vice President, PHD Chamber delivered a formal vote of thanks to Dr. Kiran Bedi and other participants. Apart from the senior leadership, other senior members interacted with Dr. Kiran Bedi which included Mr. Saurabh Sanyal, Secretary-General, PHD Chamber; Ms. Madhulika Mehta, Co-Chairperson, PHDFWF; Ms. Karuna Shriram, Co-Chairperson, Women & Child Committee, PHDFWF; Ms. Nandita Jain, Member, PHDFWF; Ms. Vidhi Mehra, Member, PHDFWF; Ms. Promila Girotra, Member, PHDFWF; Ms. Suneeta Trivedi, G B Member, PHDFWF; Ms. Priya Hingorani, G B Member, Women & Child Committee, PHDFWF; Mr. Surjit Lal, G B Member, PHDFWF and others. The session was moderated by Ms. Sangita Dutta Das, Senior Programme Manager, PHD Family Welfare Foundation and received extensive participation of more than 150 participants pan-India. Ends Media Division PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry