According to Numerology, India has number 3 due to which it will have a mild impact of Corona Virus: Mr. J C Chaudhry, Eminent Numerologist

No.PR-91 May 21, 2020 New Delhi According to Numerology, India has number 3 due to which it will have a mild impact of Corona Virus: Mr. J C Chaudhry, Eminent Numerologist New Delhi, 21st May 2020: Numerology is a science similar to Astrology where every alphabet has a number said, Mr. J C Chaudhry, Eminent Numerologist, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Chair and Director, Aakash Educational Services Ltd. In the interaction session hosted by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry on “Use of Numerology for the Industry to combat COVID-19”. Mr. JC Chaudhry gave a detailed presentation on different aspects of numerology, its usage, and its application. He deliberated that every English alphabet has a number assigned to them ranging from 1-9 which has been set by the Chaldean System. Each number has a planet assigned them which determines the relationship with other numbers and their vibrations as well. “There are two more important things in Numerology to understand which are Psychic or Driver Number and Destiny or Conductor Number. Depending on these numbers, one can understand how balanced he/she is. He also gave insight about calculating name from the name of the person which is an important part of Numerology, said Mr. JC Chaudhry. He further deliberated that according to numerology, CORONA VIRUS comes with number 7 which is the number of Neptune i.e. Ketu which will have a severe impact on countries with number 6 which are China, France, number 9 which is Spain and many more. In the case of India which belongs to number 3, Corona Virus will have a mild impact on the country. Mr. JC Chaudhry highlighted that Psychic number and destiny number which is in good vibration and frequency which will help in the success of a person and its organization. It’s important to calculate the number of the name of the organization and make it a good vibration for success and growth. He also mentioned that startup or new business can mold their name of the organization in good frequency which matches the frequency of the senior management. Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal, Senior Vice President, PHD Chamber in his welcome address lauded the knowledge impacted by Mr. JC Chaudhry in the session which helped him to understand the importance of numerology and how such a mathematical logical science can help a business to grow itself with harmony and success. Mr. Saurabh Sanyal, Secretary-General, PHD Chamber delivered a formal vote of thanks to Mr. JC Chaudhry and other participants and thanked him for such an informative session. The session was moderated by Dr. Ranjeet Mehta, Principal Director, PHD Chamber, and received extensive participation of more than 150 which included senior members of the PHD Chamber and industry stalwarts all over the country. Ends. Media Division PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry