A country develops when the greed matches the need, Ms D Thara (IAS)


February 28, 2020

New Delhi

A country develops when the greed matches the need, Ms D Thara (IAS)

Addressing the Delegates at the Urban Technovation Summit 2020 held at PHD House New Delhi, today, the chief guest Ms D Thara (IAS), Joint Secretary MAHUA & National Mission Director (AMRUT) stated that the country will develop when the greed matches the need of an individual , if there exists a mismatch between the greed and the need the development will always be skewed.

Ms D Thara, stated that concrete collective action between public and private sector will enhance efficiency and enable discipline in the sector. So it is now time for collective action rather than collective criticism.

Technology and Innovation will help the country to transits into a Developed Nation and if we remove the inefficiencies in the way the things are done India will be a very rich Nation, not in terms of money alone but growth and development, said Ms Thara.

Ms Thara highlighted the importance of Urban Planning as a major instrument to percolate in Governance. Emerging continuously with a small vision of mini India’s within India as a group in a systematic manner of public and private sector will create a unified vision for the empowerment of the country.

Dr D K Aggarwal, President, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, while welcoming the eminent speakers and the august gathering stated that the current estimation of 30% of urban population as a percent of total population will increase to 40% in 2030, making it approximately 60 crores of population of citizens living in urban area, reflecting the immense pressure on urban cities.

The growing number of population & rapid urbanization calls for the New Age technology innovations like Artificial Intelligence (AI), internet of things, block chains among other as new Technology and innovations have the potential to transform the quality of life, said Dr Aggarwal.

The visionary target of creating 100 smart cities by the Modi Government is an initiative to rejuvenate a better infrastructure and development of the country, added Dr Aggarwal.

Mr Manish Agarwal, Chair, Housing & Urban Development Committee, PHDCCI highlighted the importance of technology in the growth of real estate sector in India. Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms to digital open houses to block chain integrations, new technologies are taking over the real estate industry by storm and streamlining the way of doing businesses, he added.

Technology continues to be a catalyst for change in all sectors of business and industry, and real estate is no exception, Said Mr Manish.

Mr Manoj Gaur, Managing Director, Gaursons Hi-Tech Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. & Chair UP Chapter, PHDCCI reiterated that technology and innovation should be adopted to improve quality of the product and reduce the cost of the project. Citing an example of Gaursons project in 2014-15, he said that more than 3 crore square feet infrastructure was build in 4 years with the help of advance Hi-Tech technology.

The Summit provided platform to all stakeholders of the real estate sector to come together and explore the viability of the role of technology & Innovation for emerging Urban India for the exponential transformation & growth of real estate sector. A knowledge paper – ‘Technology led Innovation, Impact on Urban Development and Real Estate’ prepared jointly by PHD Chamber and JLL was also released by during the Summit. The formal vote of thanks was delivered by Dr Yogesh Shrivastav, Principal Director, PHDCCI for both the session.


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