International Tenders published in Turkmenistan




No. Ash/Com/202/2/2016

Dated: 04.07.2017


FAX / E-mail

From: Indian Embassy in Turkmenistan,

To: FICCI, CII, ASSOCHAM, PHDCCI, India-CIS Chamber of Commerce & Industry, India Chamber of Commerce, SICCI


1.   Turkmenbashy Complex of Oil Refinery Plant on behalf of the Commission for tender selection of suppliers of oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan have announce tender for the expansion and modernization of the automated oil and petroleum products The tender invitations of the announcement are enclosed with detailed information. The deadline for submitting applications is also given in the note itself.

2.   It is requested that information about the International Tender be disseminated to relevant/ interested companies in India.

3.   Embassy of India will help in procuring the tender documents for the Indian companies interested to the extent possible.

4.   Furthermore, the Embassy will help in obtaining visa authorization for the Indian businesspersons intending to come to Turkmenistan for business/tender related formalities. It should be noted that only single entry visa is given. And, for obtaining the same, one is required to send to us scanned copies of the passport and expected dates of the visit through email.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Pawan Kumar
ASO (Com & Edu)