Mohta Room (25 Paxs)
Mohta Room (25 Paxs)

Mohta Room: The fully air-conditioned ambiance of this room is ideal way to propel the primary business agenda forward and is perfect for elite decision makers and bold entrepreneurs, who want a corporate yet creative setting for their meetings. This room is perfect for a closed-room meeting consisting of 15 to 25 people.

Mohta Room (25 Paxs)

PARTICULARS 10- 50 Pax 51-100 Pax 101-150 Pax 151 Above



625 614 591 561

Non Vegetarian (2)
(Chicken/Mutton )

741 728 630 607

Non Vegetarian (1)

704 691 614 591


Only Vegetarian 
( without Soup )

453 447 437 428



261 261 261 261


185 185 185 185


2 Veg. + 2 Non-Veg.
(Mutton /Chicken)

343 343 343 343

Extra Non-Vegetarian Dish :

  1. Fish                                    Rs -125- per head
  2. Chicken or Mutton              Rs - 103/- per head


Extra Vegetarian Dish :

  1. Vegetable                            Rs 53- per head
  2. Desert                                  Rs 53/- per head
  3. Soup                                    Rs 32/- per head


  • Cocktail Snacks along with Dinner will be charged Rs.172/- per head.
    (2Veg. +1NonVeg.Mutton/Chicken)

  • Any Fish Preparation will be charged extra

  • Timing for serving High tea shall be

    1. Morning – 9:30am to 11:30am
    2. Evening - 3:00pm to 6:30pm


Mohta Room (25 Paxs)

(Security Deposit : Rs.6,500)

Full Day Half Day Full Day Half Day
Rs. 12,500 Rs. 9,500 Rs. 11,000 Rs. 8,000


Full Day Half Day Full Day Half Day
Rs. 16,000 Rs. 12,000 Rs. 14,000 Rs. 10,500


Mohta Room (25 Paxs)


1. GST @18% will be extra. 

2. For Additional hours, 10% extra (per hour) of respective hall charges for both members and non members and in case of Cocktail/dinner till is concludes.

3. Booking will be confirmed only after receipt of the hall charges and security deposit within three days from the date of booking otherwise it will be treated as 

cancelled. Bal. Payment towards other expenses must be paid one week before the Meeting.

4. Timings-Full day (9 am-6 pm), First half (9 am- 1 pm) ,Second half (2pm-6pm) & Third shift (6pm-9.30pm) 

5. If the meeting time exceeds from 1pm, it will be charged as full day. (Subject to availability of the room)

6. The Chamber reserves the right to change the venue of the meeting with prior notice.

7. All the rooms / Auditorium shall be vacated latest by 10.30 p.m. after that Chamber reserves the right to close the room/Auditorium & other services.

8. Any eatable from outside is not allowed. 

9. The Chamber is not responsible for sufficiency of food if the number of guests exceeds more than 15% from the minimum guarantee. In case minimum 

guarantee exceeds 15% , additional charges @10% of the fixed rates shall be charged on increased services.

10. AGM of the company can be held only at Ground floor Modi hall & Lakshmipat Singhania Auditorium.

11. Size of Banner should not be more then 16’x 8’ for Auditorium & 12’x 4’ for other rooms. Banner/backdrop not permitted to be pinned or stick anywhere.

12. No standy or any other display material is allowed at main gate, porch or anywhere at lobby without prior permission.

13. Liquor will be served with valid License & bill from authorized shop obtained by the party. Details of brand must be mentioned on the license.

14. Chamber will Charge 40% Corkage on the liquor bill. License shall be submitted with Chamber Staff before the service


Cancellation Policy of Chamber for External Users

Notice of 15 Days or more 25% of the Hire Charges

Notice of 14 Days- 8 days 50% of the Hire Charges

Notice of 7 days or less 100% of the Hire Charges