No. PR-202
March 8, 2017
New Delhi


Women Startups Summit 2017 conducted under aegis of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry here today concluded with a happy note that women entrepreneurship is rising and so are women startups.

Therefore, there is a growing need to consider any women entrepreneur as an entrepreneur only and the baggage of a women as a founder or co-founder has to be done away with since entrepreneurship is gender agnostic.

The aforesaid view arose at a Women Startup Summit 2017 in the wake of International Women’s Day in which Founder, Heads Up for Tails, Ms. Rashi Narang; Founder, Chambers of Ink, Ms. Sukriti Jiwarajka; Co-Founder, Medimojo, Dr. Shikha Suman and Fashion Designer, Ms. Rina Dhaka took part among others.

It was also suggested that Startups and particularly the women startups should have a sustained business model at their possession before attempts are explored for venture capitalists for their fund requirements as such a model would attract them finances automatically.

It was also felt that in the absence of a sustained business model by any startups, no venture capitalists would come forward to burn their money and therefore, fund raisers should be searched with necessary due diligence.

On the occasion, the President, PHD Chamber, Mr. Gopal Jiwarajka who presided over the Startups Summit announced the PHD Chamber created Startups Coaching and Mentoring Cell which provides necessary training once in a month for young entrepreneurs and even facilitate match making exercise with their possible fund raisers provided the idea has an appeal.

Among others who spoke on the occasion comprised Chairman and Co-Chairman, Innovation Committee, PHD Chamber, Mr. Deepak Pahwa and Mr. V K Mishra; Co-Chairman, Education Committee of the Chamber, Dr. Rubina Mittal; Film Producer and National Award Winner, Ms. Savita Raj Hiremath; Executive Director, Sheela Foam Limited, Ms. Namita Gautam; CEO, Hareepatti, Ms. Gurleen Kaur; Co-Founder, Baby Destination, Ms. Tamana Dhamija; Partner, Hingorani & Associates, Ms. Priya Hingorani and Sr. Secretary, PHD Chamber, Dr. Jatinder Singh.


Koteshwar Prasad Dobhal
Consultant (PR)