Budget must unleash growth potential of MSMEs and focus demand: PHD Chamber

Budget must unleash growth potential of MSMEs and focus demand: PHD Chamber

Budget must unleash growth potential of MSMEs and focus demand: PHD Chamber


February 20, 2016
New Delhi

Budget must unleash growth potential of MSMEs and focus demand: PHD Chamber

The Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) segment has immense potential to play a significant role to push India’s growth in strong and sustainable growth trajectory, said Dr. Mahesh Gupta, President, PHD Chamber.

MSMEs must be facilitated in terms of their credit demand, enhanced scope for capital requirements, availability of land and labour and ease of doing business in the Budget 2016-17.

Budget must focus on reforms for improvement in the four factors of production including land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship to bolster industrialisation in the country, added Dr. Gupta.

The time is most opportune to generate demand in the economy vis-à-vis significant decline in the costs of raw materials and to absorb a major chunk of skilled and unskilled labour in the productive sectors of the economy, said Dr. Mahesh Gupta.

Facilitation to housing & construction sector is expected to generate employment opportunities in the economy and a rebound in the demand scenario.

Budget  2016-17 must provide tax incentives to home buyers to reduce the burden of EMIs.  Deduction of up to Rs 5 lakh can be made from the current level of Rs. 2 lakhs for interest paid on a home loan on a self-occupied house.

Decelerating prices of international commodities such as crude oil, steel and cement can be capitalized to give a boost to the construction sector and to build a strong India.

We look forward to the timely implementation of GST and are enthusiastic to see a common market in India which will reduce the transaction costs and cascading impact of complex tax structure.

He added that the implementation of GST will improve the economic growth trajectory with a significant improvement in ease of doing business and enhanced employment opportunities.

As the global integration of the India’s economy is increasing and the country is now open to foreign entities at large, level playing field would be critical for the success of domestic businesses, expressed Dr. Mahesh Gupta.

A vibrant and non adversarial tax policy would be crucial to enhance the speed of economic growth of the country.

We must move ourselves from an adversarial mindset to a facilitative mindset by creating a conducive and trusting environment in the economy said Dr. Gupta.

Existing system of resolving the disputes between the taxpayers and the tax administration should be more transparent, efficient and time bound to lessen the hardship of the taxpayers.

The budget must focus on creating the state of art infrastructure in the country with channelized investments into sectors with high absorption capacity and attracting private investments.

Raising public spending and stirring private investment could be a key measure for boosting the economy’s growth, said Dr. Gupta.

Drastic reforms are needed in the agriculture sector starting from the crop pattern to delivery at consumer door steps, said Dr. Mahesh Gupta.

Public investments in the agriculture sector would go a long way to improve farm connectivity with the markets and enhanced level of rural incomes.

Public investments in agriculture infrastructure sector would motivate the private sector to come forward to invest in the supply chain.

Given the high fiscal pressure, maximization of non tax revenue by the government is imperative and should be the prime focus of the year, said Dr. Gupta.


Koteshwar Prasad Dobhal
Consultant (PR)