• 3 out of 10 persons are poor in India.
  • Companies have reduced their debt by nearly a fifth in the last 18 months by selling assets and equity.
  • HSBC Emerging Markets Index stood at 52.3 in June 2014 up from 60.6 in May 2014.
  • Infrastructure Output slowed to 2.3% in May from 4.3% in April.
  • It could cost the government Rs. 800 billion to clean the River Ganges;
  • Notable improvement was seen in coal, cement and fertilizers in May 2104.
  • Rangarajan panel states that poverty slid to 29.5% in 2011-12.
  • Rs. 560 billion will be contributed by the private sector to clean Ganges.
  • Seasonal rainfall during this year’s monsoon has been 37% below normal.
  • Steel and power production slowed in May 2104.
  • Tendulkar Methodology estimates that poverty fell to 21.9% in 2011-12.
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